Make It Last All Day

Some of our favorite positions are all about thrusting. Some are more subtle and are about what’s happening inside. Sexercise helps you get the strongest explosions from the still, slow and most sensual of positions.
Squeezing and releasing your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles can increase orgasm potential in men and women. To find these muscles, stop the flow of urine next time you’re on the toilet. Those are the muscles to target. Practice squeezing and releasing during the day and during sex. This helps women experience more and longer orgasms. The key concept here is that pleasure and ejaculation are not inextricably linked. With practice, men can identify the “point of no return” sensations, squeeze their PC muscles before they reach it. This will allow them to stay hard willingly or even become a multi-orgasmic!

Kegel exercises are so fast and simple! That’s why I made my app Kegel Camp that will lead you through your daily Kegel exercises.

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