Making Waves With Sex Tech

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You’ve heard the phrase ‘sex tech’ tossed around, but what does it really mean? 


We explore the fascinating world of sex tech, and what it could mean when it comes to improving your sex life and boosting your pleasure.


Now that’s the kinda technology we can get on board with…



What is Sex Tech?

Although it might be easier to say what sex tech isn’t, what we’re hitting on here is any development of technology for the purpose of improving sexual wellness.

That’s a pretty broad definition, we know, so think of sex tech as anything from an app-controlled vibrator to VR porn. But what good is all that if you’re dealing with issues that have dropped pleasure to the bottom of your priority list?

Luckily, necessity is still the mother of invention, and technology may literally save your sex life.


Vulva Tech

Real talk, sometimes we ignore issues until they can’t be ignored any longer, especially when societal shame and embarrassment are a factor. Take bladder leakage. When an occasional sneeze and pee turns into plotting out your day to stay close to a bathroom, things have gotten out of hand. In many cases, the root of the problem is a weak pelvic floor.

The psychological impacts go deeper than you might think. Embarrassment can destroy confidence which starts affecting every aspect of our lives, including our sex lives. Not to mention the fact that the pelvic floor is the muscle group responsible for contractions when we orgasm. Weak PC muscles equal weak orgasms, and no one wants that!


Thankfully, there is an amazing sex tech solution which is so incredible that it sounds like science fiction. There is now a chair you can sit in, fully clothed, that can virtually eliminate bladder leaks in just a few sessions. It’s called Emsella, and you can find it in hundreds of professional offices across the country.

It uses electromagnetic pulses that deliver up to 11,000 kegel contractions in a single 30-minute session. There’s no pain and no probes – you can sit and scroll the ‘gram while it does its thing. Vagina owners are reporting amazing results with Emsella, including restoration of bladder control AND sexual confidence. That’s a double with for sex tech!


Penis Tech

There’s a reason you know exactly what the phrase “little blue pill” means. The two biggest pharmaceutical treatments for erectile dysfunction have been around so long that they’ve become household names. They’ve also outlived their patent protections, bringing a range of generic options to the market. E.D. pills are now such an accepted part of our culture that recreational use, though not recommended, has created a market of its own. Unfortunately, despite the wide acceptance, E.D. remains a confidence killer for millions of penis-owners and their partners. Worse yet, there are those for whom pills are ineffective.

Enter another bit of breakthrough sex tech. GAINSWave is a procedure that uses soundwave therapy to restore blood flow to many men suffering from E.D. Often, the cause of erectile dysfunction stems from a build-up of micro plaque in the blood vessels of the penis. GAINSWave’s twenty-minute therapy session breaks up that micro plaque, allowing most men to regain normal sexual function and enjoy the benefits the SAME DAY. In addition to boasting a 75% success rate, the process may also stimulate new tissue growth, which can lead to increased sensitivity and heightened enjoyment. Even those without E.D. can consider the treatment as a preventative option while enjoying its other benefits. No pills necessary. Maximum enjoyment. 


A Win-Win for Couples

In relationships, there is no such thing as one-sided sexual difficulties. Eventually, both partners suffer the consequences. Whether it’s psychological, physiological, or both, the longer we allow problems to persist, the more difficult they become to solve. Every day, sex tech is providing solutions we want and need.

Now that’s some sexy science!



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