Man Uses Sex Doll To Sell Car, Sandy The Doll Gains Internet Fame

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.14.40 PMHave you been searching for your new whip? Are your product modeling pictures just not cutting it on eBay? A man named Angus Dean tried a new, sexy, and somewhat strange angle. The angle I’m referring to is none other than a real (fake?) Vanna White. This Vanna White is a true to life sex doll named Sandy that Angus borrowed from a buddy. In his defense, sex does sell. In fact, the results have become quite the internet sensation. Mr. Dean posted pictures of his 1990 VW Golf with Sandy in order to create a selling point. Despite many different news sites covering the story and calling Sandy a “sex doll,” Angus insists that it “can be a sex doll if you want it to be – all the dolls come blank and then you can add in the other bits if you want to. But Sandy’s not that kind of girl. She’s purely there to help sell the items and with her help we’ve attracted a lot of interest in the car. My wife, however, does think I’m crazy.” To make this story even more interesting, this is not the first time Angus Dean has used Sandy to help him sell items. He recognized her abilities before he tried to sell his car. She’s been using her to help him sell various items after he was able to quickly sell a lawnmower with her help. Sandy, however, is definitely off the market. She is owned by a married father of three, who chooses to remain anonymous for fear of annoying his wife. He says the doll can be hard to pose, but she’s easier than an actual model. He also says “the sex-doll connotation associated with the adverts for the photos is completely in the mind. These are poseable mannequins which are intended for photography and art – they have a sophisticated skeleton which is very stiff to manipulate but which holds poses.” Uh-huh, ok choosing-to-remain-anonymous-married-man. I’m sure you’re wife is oh so annoyed by the “photography doll” you purchased. We appreciate the clarification.

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