Manscaping: A Hairy Situation

When it comes down to shaving down there you do it for one of two reasons– for yourself or for a significant other. I have done it for both. It mostly depends on if I’m sexually active and dating. When it comes to sex I don’t  really like to have a lot of hair on my butt, balls and pubic area. Shaving down there has been an on and off again routine for me  but overtime I’ve learned the process of operation for this hairy situation….


Step One

If you are a hairy beast like me, trimming the hair before shaving will help for a more pleasant shave and will keep from clogging up your razor.

Step Two

Your pubic hair is easy to shave. After trimming I applied the Max 4 Men Balls n All Rash Free Shave Cream. I have to say it smells amazingly good. It’s like a fresh out the shower after sex smell. It goes on clear so there’s no big white gooey mess.

For the best results

Use a double-bladed razor. Start shaving the direction the hair is growing by taking short very light strokes. This will produce a more comfortable smooth feel and reduce ingrown hairs and razor bumps. After shaving your pubic hair place a warm damp cloth over the area to exfoliate.

Now for your Scrotum

You want the scrotum surface to be as flat at possible to prevent cuts. To make your scrotum more taut try rubbing an ice cube under your testicles so the skin will tighten. After doing this I applied the Max 4 Men Balls n All Rash Free Shave Cream. Avoid using menthol or heavily scented creams for this will irritate the skin. When shaving your scrotum be gentle, go slow, and do not take long strokes.

After shaving there I applied the Max 4 Men Balls n All Moisture Control Balm and boy does this balm control moisture. The balm gave my scrotum this silky smooth feel and it lasted the whole day.

Brazilian Vs. Landscaping

For the guys that aren’t into the brazilian style, you can trim and stop there. To landscape all you have to do is go over your pubic hair with clippers with a 1” inch guard. This will leave your hair at just about ¼’ inch length.

Now you can just stop there and be done or you can get sexy with it.

Clean up the edges and give your pubic hair some character. You can do this with no irritation by using a beard trimmer. Place the trimmer by your inner thigh and go inward towards your scrotum and pubic hair lining.

Now don’t get too carried away with the trimmer, don’t want to end up with just a little patch of hair now. Unless you’re a pro at this, just go slowly at first and take off a little bit at a time.

Happy shaving!

By MarMar Speaks (Sex with Emily, intern)

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