Why is Mexico Having the Best Sex?

In Durex’s Sexual Wellbeing Survey, heterosexual sexually active people from all across the world were polled in order to find out what country is the most sexually satisfied. The results are absolutely fascinating. Highest rate of satisfaction were found in Mexico at 63% full satisfaction, India at 61%, Poland at 54%, and Greece at 51%. What is even more interesting than the statistics are the reasons behind why these countries are so satisfied.

Satisfaction did not come from the frequency of sex, amazing foreplay, mind-blowing orgasms, or attraction to partners. Satisfaction was correlated to respect. In Mexico the poll found 88% of participants answered that they feel respected during sex, 74% In Poland answered the same, 73% in India, and 71% in Greece. The poll further found that those that reported to have an exciting sex life also reported having a high level of comfort in asking their partner for what they want and like during sex.

In a similar study, men and women that were currently in a relationship were asked how to define sexual satisfaction. The most common ideal was “mutuality.” For the participants, sexual satisfaction wasn’t about how hot the other person was, but instead it was about being able to please the one you love. The participants disclosed that the more pleasure they give, the more they receive, and the more sexual satisfaction they feel. A lesson for us all.

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