Your Tips For Mind-Blowing Sex (Part 2)


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Here at Sex With Emily, we spend a lot of time answering listener questions and we love every minute of it! So this week, we wanted to do something different. We flipped the script and put out a question to all of you:

“What makes truly mind-blowing sex?”

We asked listeners, followers (from Facebook and Twitter) and overall fans of Emily to think back to an amazing sexual encounter and tell us what made it so incredible.

We were were thoroughly impressed, aroused and genuinely inspired by all your responses.. Which is why we had to tease you a little bit and split these amazing tips into two separate blogs.

You’ve waited long enough, so here’s Part 2:
5 tips for truly mind-blowing, knee-weakening sex for you, BY YOU

6. Eye Contact
This wasn’t a surprising one, although it is surprisingly simple. Eye contact during sex is extremely sensual and intimate. It allows you to connect on a deeper level, and share the experience in a more meaningful way.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 6.33.42 PM




Eye contact during oral sex is another huge turn on. It shows your partner that you’re not just performing your oral duties. It communicates the message that you’re there with them, and enjoying every minute of it.

7. Anticipation
This response came in two forms:

On the one hand, multiple people listed that teasing was their secret ingredient to an explosive sexual experience. For many people, the build up of sexual anticipation can be as titillating as the sex itself! The best part is that teasing is a skill that anyone can master. In fact, we recently put out a blog on the subject, called The Lost Art of the Tease.. Enjoy!

For others, this anticipation comes in the form of being unable to have sex with a partner for an extended period of time, whether due to a long-distance relationship or a job that requires frequent travel. Absence does make the heart (as well as other organs) grow fonder, so don’t be afraid to take little breaks in between love-making. The payoff is apparently worth the wait.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 6.33.52 PM

8. Adventure
Whether it was a change of locations (the backseat of your GTO, for example) or a change in your usual sexual routine, nothing adds spice to an already great sex life like trying something new.

You don’t have to be a thrill-seeker to enjoy a little sex-ploration. Adventurous sex can be as simple as getting steamy in the shower, acting out your sexiest fantasies or dabbling in a little dirty talk.. Anything that takes you out of your sexual box and opens you up to new realms of pleasure.

9. Sexual Confidence
Screw expensive suits and lingerie. Confidence is the most undeniably sexy things a person can wear.  And this doubles once you hit the bedroom. There is nothing more attractive than a person who knows just how sexy they really are.Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.44.47 PM

Sexual confidence is more than just knowing that you look good. It’s about being comfortable in your sexuality! This is where knowing your own body and how to truly please yourself comes into play. Sexually confident people aren’t afraid to branch out and throw everything they’ve got into their sexual encounters. And that is freaking sexy.

10. Desire
There is nothing more erotic than knowing that the person you are with is out of their mind crazy about you, and there is nowhere else they would rather be than naked in bed with you.Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 6.33.27 PM

Desire is an amazing thing. Especially when you’re with someone that lights your fire, ignites your passions and makes the rest of the world melt away. That, my friends, is hands-down the key ingredient to the best sex you’ll ever have.


One individual who responded to our query described a scenario in which he pulled out “something surprising” that resulted in multiple orgasms for his partner, and therefore, amazing sex. Without clarification (but with a hopeful heart) I am going to assume that the “something surprising” was a sex toy of some sort, which would indeed result in multiple orgasms.

In my experience, nothing says multiple orgasms like the original Magic Wand vibrator. However, you can find a plethora of orgasm-inducing toys to fit every lover’s fancy at  Seriously, they have everything. Plus, you can get 20% off your purchase with code GVEmily20!

So there you have it. We asked, you answered, and we organized your responses into a neat little list. Did we miss anything? Email us:
And if you haven’t already, check out Part 1 for EVEN MORE hot sex tips!


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