More Orgasms For Her, More Intense For You!

No matter how connected we feel to our partners, sometimes we fall out of sync when it comes to the bedroom. You’re going one way, he/she is going the other, and it seems like no one is getting to where they need to go. Just because your rhythms are off right now, doesn’t mean you can’t get back on the same page. Enter Promescent

With just a few quick sprays, 10 extra minutes of foreplay while it sinks in, and an optimistic mindset, Promescent will reset the rhythm to your sex life and make sure it includes BOTH of your orgasmic crescendos every time.

Promescent has been helping couples have longer lasting, more amazing sex by allowing her to actually have the orgasm she deserves, and for his to increase in intensity (bet you didn’t think that was possible).

So, create the remix to your sex life, and get back in tune with each other with Promescent. Rock on!

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