A Little Moxie In The Morning…

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To me, it seemed like a completely normal Tuesday morning when I woke up. I had no idea that it would be anything but normal…

I got out of bed, had a shower, and slipped into a sundress for the day. Even though we were already well into spring, it was just finally starting to get warmer. I was keen to celebrate the sunshine by showing off a little skin.

The coffee machine gurgled as I brewed up some coffee for my girlfriend, Cathleen, while she was in the shower. I checked my emails while I waited for her to to be ready.

“You look gorgeous today babe” I told her when she finally appeared in the kitchen. “Thank you beautiful, that sundress is very sexy you flirty little minx” she replied. I flushed bright red and tried to hide my face.

We had been dating 5 years, but I still felt like a nervous schoolgirl around her. Her full lips, her glossy honey-colored hair, I could get lost in her eyes for hours.

Her voice snapped me out of my reverie.

“I got you a present kitten”

She practically purred it, her eyes glittering with mischief.

She dropped a little white bag on the table, kissed my forehead, and grabbed my ponytail. Her silky voice instructed me to ‘download the app on my phone’, and not let the contents of that bag out of my site all day. “WHAT?!” I questioned, completely confused.

She laughed and left the apartment without saying a word. I rolled my eyes and chuckled a little, on the inside. What on earth was she up to? I opened the bag and dumped the contents out on the kitchen table.

Inside was a beautiful teal… something. What was this? An instruction manual sat inside, revealing it to be a hands-free vibrator called the Moxie, from We-Vibe. I was so shocked my eyebrows must have disappeared into my hairline.

She was much more sexually adventurous than me…

Cathleen knew darn well I had never used a vibrator. I had to admit though, it was so darling I didn’t feel as intimidated by it as I thought I would have. I picked it up again and started fiddling with the little magnet part. Just then I saw my phone light up, Cat had text me. Her message ordered me to teach myself how to use the vibrator, download the app to my phone, and send her an invite through the app.

It only took me a few minutes to figure out how to do all that, and then I snapped it into place. It nestled perfectly between my labia, pressing delightfully against my clit. The magnet sat on the outside of my panties, holding it in exactly the right spot. I liked it so much more than the vibrating panties I’d seen in the sex toy stores Cat had dragged me to. I felt much more comfortable and sexy wearing my own underwear.


The morning passed by in a flash. It was so comfortable I almost forgot I was wearing the moxie. Though the soft pressure from its weight against my clit stirred my arousal. My cheeks felt a lot more flushed than they usually do at 10 am on a Tuesday. Right when I almost forgot about it….it happened.

The darned thing turned on. I shrieked and jumped about a foot in the air. In the middle of washing the dishes, I had just felt such a delicious jolt of pleasure rippling through me. My phone buzzed in my pocket, it was Cat. “Good girl” it simply read. I melted.

She proceeded to torture me in the best way possible…

Throughout the rest of the day, she sexually tormented me. And I loved it. She would turn it on, startling me, and leave it running long enough for me to get rather hot and bothered. Right when I started softly grinding against it, she turned it off again. It was like the damn woman was psychic!

But it wasn’t just that. She tried different vibration modes too. One moment I was riding soft waves of vibration, the next I was pulsing and pausing. After each time she changed it, she text would text me again. “How was your pleasure for that one? Rate it out of 10. Now” she demanded electronically. I was flustered but wanted to obey her and be accurate.


I can tell you one thing for sure, I was keen for that woman to get her butt home. The workday went by in a blur of pleasure. I got all my work done, and was in a much more cheerful mind frame than usual when she finally got home.

As soon as she came through the door she dropped her bags and started kissing me, pushing me down onto the couch. I smirked, feeling satisfied that I wasn’t the only one who had gotten riled up. We were a blur of tangled tongues and frantic hands, searching for the physical comfort of each other’s bodies. The one we had both been yearning for all day.

She pulled away from me and sat up. Pushing me down on my back with a one-armed, effortless shove. She picked up her phone. For a brief moment, I thought she had lost interest or needed to check a work email. Then I felt it. The vibrator. In our ravenous make-out session, I had once again forgotten I was wearing it. She put it on the vibration mode I had ranked the highest, one that slowly ramped up and back down, and repeated over and over.

My eyes rolled back into my head…

I melted into the couch, subconsciously writhing in pleasure. Cat licked her lips and then started covering my body with kisses. Slowly kissing up from my foot, she licked the underside of my knee. I shivered as her kisses trailed up my inner thigh, inching ever closer to the wet spot I had made on my panties. Her fingers slid my panties to the side, but just enough to allow her to slip two of them inside me. The Moxie still rested firmly against my clit, rocking my body with waves of pleasure.


Cat’s fingers worked their magic in perfect unison to the vibrations until I felt my blended orgasm start to build. I cried out in pleasure as it rippled through my body, shaking and convulsing as my climax ripples through me. As it ebbed away, she slowed the movement of her fingers, and eventually slipped them out.

I was still reeling from the pleasure of the whole day, let alone the orgasm I’d just had, when she broke the silence. “Well keep that vibe in your panties, we’re going out dancing,” she said with a wink, grabbing her keys as she headed to the door.

Pulling my dress back down and trying to smoothe out my hair, I trailed behind her feeling flustered. This was sure to be an interesting night.

To be continued…


Claudia Lestat is a queer femme who writes erotica in her free time between riding horses through the countryside and dismantling the patriarchy. 
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