My Night With Promescent

c34dbf8d4f2a4d8ad20ff792d5c1b103 (1)I’d like to share a recent experience with you all: My night having sex with Promescent (And oh yeah, my boyfriend was there too!)

If you haven’t heard already, Promescent is pretty much a bedroom game-changer. It is a quick absorbing delay-spray that is applied directly to the penis before sex. Thanks to it’s unique FDA-approved formula, Promescent reduces penis sensitivity without numbing, thus helping men last up to two times longer during sex and enjoy every single minute.

Let me start off by addressing a common misconception about Promescent: It is not just for guys with penis problems. While it is definitely a must-have for any guy suffering from premature ejaculation, most Promescent users don’t even have PE – They just want to have longer lasting, worry-free sexual experiences.

There’s this thing called the orgasm gap, which basically describes the unequal distribution of orgasms between men and women. Generally speaking, it takes the average woman 18-20 minutes to reach orgasm, while the average man can knock em’ out in about 6. In the race to the orgasmic finish line, men will almost always get there faster – It’s just how they’re wired! What Promescent does is slows down men’s sexual response, giving his female partner a chance to catch up and score some big O’s of her own. So all you guys out there going “Eh, I’m no one-minute-man. Promescent is so not for me” .. Here is where you’re wrong.

My boyfriend is not a one-minute-man. He’s not even a ten-minute-man. But he IS smart: He knows that anything worth doing is worth doing longer. He knows that when the length of sex increases, so does the opportunity for more pleasure, and more orgasms.. Yeah, I’d say he is a keeper. My point is, if your sex life is amazing and you wouldn’t change a thing, why wouldn’t you want to have even more of it? The only thing more delicious than a gigantic chocolate cake is two gigantic cakes, am I right?

I’ve had a bottle of Promescent sitting in my nightstand for a while before I decided to pose the idea of using it, that fateful night. Maybe it was the moonlight, maybe it was the glass of whiskey we’d shared together.. Maybe it was the fact that we had the apartment to ourselves, and nothing but time! Regardless of the reason, my suggestion to break out the Promescent was met with total enthusiasm.

Once the clothes were off, my boyfriend scurried into the restroom to apply it. The recommended dosage is two sprays, which my boyfriend described coming out in a “jet stream”.

Now for one of the most important pieces of advice that I can give you: Wait the full 15-20 minutes after applying Promescent to actually start having sex. Why? Because the product takes about this long to fully absorb into the skin. One thing that sets Promescent apart from other delay sprays, besides it’s bright and shiny FDA approval, is the fact that it does not transfer to your partner WHEN USED CORRECTLY. Best Promescent practice would be for men to apply the spray, then spend 15-20 minutes on foreplay with their partner before jumping in to the good stuff. Unfortunately my boyfriend, usually the foreplay king, becomes significantly less patient when the prospect of longer lasting sex sessions is right in front of him. After 10 minutes of rigorous foreplay, he asked if we could move on to the sex portion of the evening, and I agreed. Whoops.

All in all, my evening with Promescent yielded both positive and negative results..

The Positive

  • The sex lasted about 40 minutes, from start to finish. According to the Promescent site, the reduced sensitivity typically lasts about 30 minutes depending on the dose. Since, as my boyfriend described it, the application process was like “trying to cover the entire surface area of a penis using a tiny squirt bottle with the tightest spray setting”, it’s possible he did not achieve maximum coverage.
  • My boyfriend had a total blast, so to speak. Like many men, he tends to spend a lot of time during sex thinking about not ejaculating. With Promescent holding up its end of the bargain, he was able to truly be in the moment and enjoy himself.
  • With so much time on our hands, he and I were able to mix things up and try new moves and variations during sex. We hit all of our favorite positions, and even tried a few new ones!

The Negative

  • Sadly, our plan of longer sex = more orgasms did not quite pan out, largely because of our inability to follow simple directions. As I cautioned earlier, Promescent needs time to fully absorb into the skin before it can really work it’s magic (and avoid being transferred to your partner) – Those who jump the gun tend to end up with slightly desensitized lady parts. As it turns out, patience really is a virtue.. And Promescent’s desensitizing effects really do work! While I could definitely enjoy the sex, I found myself unable to orgasm as easily as I normally do. 40 minutes later, still no orgasm. Lesson learned.

All in all, I would consider my night with Promescent to be a good one! My boyfriend and I had a great time experiencing something new together, and I even learned an important lesson on patience and following directions. Learn from my success (and my mistakes) and try it yourself!


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