New Year, New You, Better Sex

Most of us try to make new years resolutions with every intention of following through. This is the year I stick to it! How many years have you said that? Now, how many years has it come true? Those answers probably weren’t the same. There is at least one resolution that’ll be worth keeping up with this year, and that, my friends, is to have longer lasting, better sex! Because well… Who wouldn’t want that?

With the handy dandy help of Promescent, keeping this resolution will be an easy feat. Whether you have a problem with premature ejaculation, you only last a few minutes, or you just want the lovin’ to last all night long, Promescent is the delay spray that will close that pesky orgasm gap and will let you take the sexy scenic route to climax.

Promescent is now available in a Rite-Aid or Target near you, or you can find it online here:


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