Lasting Longer

It’s every man’s biggest worry- “Do I last long enough in bed?”

Surveys show that most men don’t believe they last long enough. If your climax comes after a few minutes of intercourse try using these tips…





Warm up

  • Just like you would stretch before playing a football game, warm-up before sex. This is also called “pre-gaming.”
  • Masturbate before you participate in intercourse so that you feel like you can last longer. Don’t masturbate to reach a climax, masturbate to warm-up.


  • Wait a while before you penetrate your partner.
  • Steam things up with lots and lots of foreplay. Make sure you’re giving her plenty attention so she is also warm and ready for you.
  • This will at least delay pre-ejaculatory penetration and increase the quality of your sexual connection.

Know What Gets You Off

  • Most men have a favorite position, or a position they most often ejaculate while in. Take notice of this.
  • If you usually ejaculate while penetrating her in the doggie style, save that position for later.
  • Try letting her get on top or missionary position before arranging yourself in your ejaculatory position

Work It Out

  • Kegel exercises strengthen your PC muscles, also known as pee-stopping muscles. The more you build up these muscles, the more stamina you have during intercourse.
  • Take a few minutes a day to tense and relax these muscles, the stimulation will help you last longer in bed.

The Start-Stop Method

  • The tired and true start-stop method can help you teach yourself ejaculatory control and helps you last longer.
  • While masturbating, stimulate your penis until you feel ready to orgasm then stop.
  • Why the torture? By using this method you’re finding your point of no return, the moment before orgasm.
  • By doing this you’re teaching your body and mind to be comfortable with a heightened sense of arousal.

Make Sweet Love

  • Don’t have sex the same way you masturbate. Quick thrusts and a finish won’t help the situation and won’t be pleasant for her.
  • Take time exploring the whole sexual cycle. Slow things down and work on different thrusting techniques. The term “Motion of the ocean” has its merit.
  • Don’t have sex like you’re using your partner as a replacement for your hand. Enjoy the sensuality that sex can create.


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