October Sex & Love Horoscopes

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Finally, the perfectionist vibes of Virgo season have dissipated, making way for flirty Libra Season this October.

To celebrate, my Sex-O-Scopes are here to help you embrace the season.

Use this guide to harness the astrological influences of the month for your sexual benefit.

Libra season officially begins on September 23rd and continues through till October 23rd.

Libra Season celebration communication, aesthetics, balance, and all the sensual pleasures in life.


The sensuality and beauty that Libra’s are known for is because they are ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is all about love, pleasure, and the pursuit of beauty. 

Libra season urges us to slow down from the fast-paced productive energy of Virgo Season and connect back into our pleasure. You will feel the instinct to indulge this month, and may find yourself feeling more flirtatious than usual. Let yourself gravitate towards beauty in all its forms.  

If you’re new to astrology, feel free to just look up your sun sign. If you’re more experienced in the astrological realm, you may enjoy looking up your Venus and Mars positions, as these rule your sex and romance zones.



This is the month we’ve been waiting for my fellow Venusian babes, it’s finally our season! All the planets are celebrating in full force. On September 14th, both Mercury and Venus both entered Libra, then on October 4th, Mars joined the party. Mercury is the planet of communication, Mars rules actions, sex, and aggression, and Venus is our ruling planet, the planet of love and beauty. 

Celebrate this planetary party by honoring all that you are. Indulge in lots of self-love. Take up space with your sensual self-portraits. Buy yourself a beautiful astrological treat or two. Flirt to your heart’s content this month, but don’t be afraid to tell your loved ones how you really feel too. Set some intentions for the next year of your life, and magnify them with sex magic, and/or some mindful masturbation. Happy birthday month Libra babes! 



Don’t think I forgot about you my beloved Scorpions! Your season officially begins on October 24th, but I’ll go into more about what that means next month. On October 3rd, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Scorpio. This will be a great time for you to talk about your feelings, something that is usually quite difficult for the hard to read Scorpions among us.

Then on October 8th, romantic Venus enters Scorpio, bringing a lot of lovey-dovey vibes with it. Take yourself out on a lavish date to celebrate. On October 27th, the New Moon is in Scorpio, celebrate by reflecting on all you’ve learned in the past year, and set some sexy intentions for the next year. 



Sagittarius babes are usually quite focused on laughter and adventures, but the planets are shaking that up for you a little this month. From October 8th, Venus moves through your Twelfth House of Spirituality until November 1st. This will have you questioning what you really want out of life. Don’t fight it, just lean in and see what happens.

Then on October 13th, the Full Moon is in your Fifth House of Romance, so you’ll be feeling a lot more amorous than usual. If you’re single, go on a few dates and be open to what happens. For coupled up Saggitarians, plan a special romantic night for you boo, and treat them like the royalty they are. 



Romantic Venus will be moving through your Eleventh House of Friendship this month, from October 8th to November 1st. This may make you question if one of your friendships could turn romantic. Don’t second guess yourself too much, just try and go with the flow (not something you’ll like hearing, I know), and see what happens.

Then on October 13th, the Full Moon is in your Fourth House of Home Life. When was the last time you “Marie Kondo’d”? With the intention of cultivating an intentional environment of authenticity and sensuality, consider what changes you could make at home. 



With action-oriented Mars moving through your Ninth House of Adventure from October 3rd to November 19th this month, you should be feeling more energized than usual. Try something new and adventurous in your solo sex life! Perhaps a new toy, new kink, or even a new location.

Then on October 13th, the Full Moon is in your Third House of Communication. This makes it the perfect time to open up that throat chakra and invite a partner into these sexual adventures. Try a new sex position, a different oral technique or even incorporating a new body part into your sexual repertoire this month.



Fiery Mars is moving through your Eight House of Sexual Intimacy this month, from October 3rd to November 19th. Pisces don’t tend to struggle to feel their feelings, but sometimes they can compartmentalize things a little bit. Mars is the planet of sex and aggression, and in your house of sexual intimacy, it will have you craving to bring more feelings into the bedroom.

Don’t think this means you have to be all vanilla and holding each other’s faces whispering “I love you” by candlelight (though please do if you’d like to). Whether it’s a one night stand or a long term relationship, there are a tone of ways to connect during sex that aren’t boring. My number one recommendation for you this month would be some heart-connecting BDSM. Feel free to warm up to the idea with some BDSM games before diving in headfirst. 



Mars is moving through your Seventh House of Partnership this month, making its transit from October 3rd to November 19th. This will bring a craving for commitment to the headstrong Aries among us. If you’re single, go on a few dates and actually listen to connect, not just to respond with your witty banter. They’ll learn how funny you are without you needing to try.

If you’re already coupled up, consider if there’s a way you’d like to take your relationship to the next level. On October 13th, you’ll host the Full Moon in your sign. This is the perfect time for sex magic, and releasing rituals in particular. 



Romantic Venus waltzes through your Seventh House of Partnership this month, lighting it up from October 8th till November 1st.  While Venus is the planet of love, she also rules beauty and pleasure. Take this time to focus on yourself. While you might be grounded and guarded at first, you’re so incredibly devoted and generous with your loved ones when you do open up.

Turn some of that energy on yourself Taurus, you deserve it. Consider how you’d like to be treated if you were dating yourself. While Venus does rule Librans, she also presides over dear Taureans too. Lavish yourself in self-love and self-care this month, to come into deeper connection with the wonder of YOU!



You’re in for an interesting month my Twin babes! Transformative Pluto is going direct in your Eighth House of Sexual Intimacy on October 3rd. Pluto relates to the darker aspects of our psyche; the shadow sides of self we prefer not to look directly at. When it lights up your Sexual Intimacy zone, you’ll be wise to consider delving into some of the kinks that you may have been nervous to explore. 

On the same day, Mars begins moving through your Fifth House of Romance, until November 19th. Mars is a very action-oriented planet, and rules sex and aggression. Consider the ways you could combine romance and aggression… perhaps through some Dominance and submission, bondage, or even Sadism/masochism? The BDSM world is your oyster Gemini’s, just be sure to keep your heart open and connect with your lover. Sex and emotions don’t have to be kept in separate rooms. 



This month, the Sun will be moving through your Fifth House of Romance from October 23rd to November 22nd. This should bring some deep, organic authenticity to your romantic life. For the coupled-up Cancerians, if you always try to communicate in your partner’s love language, instead go all out by expressing your love in your own unique way. All you need to be careful of is using your words to explain the emotions behind these expressions. Your lover can’t read your mind. 

Singleton Cancerians should pour this level of adoring energy onto themselves. This romantic energy will be EVEN MORE amplified on October 27th, when the New Moon is in the same house. Take the time to sex some sexy intentions, and don’t be afraid to use sex magic to increase the manifestation power. 



Fiery Mars is moving through your Third House of Communication from October 3rd to November 19th. Mars rules sex and aggression, and being in this house will light up your throat chakra in a major way. Regardless of if you’re in a relationship or not, spend time reflecting by yourself first on what you really want to bring into your sex life.

Don’t shy away from anything you discover that’s dark or aggressive. Journal about it, or make a voice note on your phone to practice speaking your sexual truths out loud. After you’re feeling clear on your own, you can articulate these desires to a partner if you want. But there’s nothing wrong with just indulging all on your own if you prefer



Get ready Virgos, your season may be over for this year, but your growth period is not. Transformative Pluto is going direct in your Fifth House of Romance on October 3rd. This will be shaking up your sexual and romantic image in a big way. Pluto reveals to us that which we’ve been avoiding, and with it direct in your romance zone, there’s no running away from this one.

What kinks and quirks of your sexuality have you been putting a blindfold over? I know you Virgos like everything to be “clean” (whatever that really means), but let’s face it, sex is messy! Even more so when you bring some BDSM play or BDSM games into it. You can handle it Virgos, even if you need to pretend you think it’s gross. 

Happy Libra Season everyone! Let’s get flirty this October…


Isabella Frappier is an Australian ex-pat living in LA, who swapped gumtrees for palm trees. She’s a writer and a holistic Sexuality Doula, who specializes in body literacy, sexual sovereignty, and BDSM.
She is also a host on the popular new Sex Magic Podcast. When she’s not busy championing her sex positive agenda, she—oh wait—she’s always busy doing that. Follow her adventures on Instagram.


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