Odaxelagina: A Bite to Remember

Biting. Some people absolutely hate it, some completely love it. So much so, it’s pivotal to their sexual arousal. They even have a name for it: odaxelagina. It’s only right that the word be a mouthful.

Although, in its extreme cases, this fetish is normally associated with sadism, masochism, and vampire fetishes, Dr. Alfred Kinsey found that almost half of all people experience some type of sexual arousal from biting.

Why are some so turned on by this (myself included)? After high school, hickeys seem childish, or become the result of a rather drunken escapade. It’s the stigma that turns a lot of people off. That, and the pain associated.

Nonetheless, it’s apart of our primal DNA. The line between pleasure and pain is thin, and that type of contact makes you feel more physically connected to your partner in that moment. Plus, the sensations of biting releases endorphins, and even drives blood to the genital area (hello, hard on).

So while you shouldn’t bite (like, really bite) someone without asking, keeping a few of these scientific facts in mind may convince your partner to give it a go. Even if they’ve agreed, sometimes the moment gets away from you, and you leave your partner with a nasty bite mark, and maybe even some broken skin.

The key here is all in how you bite–– because your partner isn’t a giant turkey leg from Disneyland. You want to bite with care and with the intent of pleasure.

Bite Better:

When it comes to biting your partner, there should be some testing involved–– you don’t want to go straight to a Dracula-like hold. Start out with soft nibbles around the neck, earlobes, inner thighs, and chest. As you both get more aroused, increase the strength of your bite slowly–– alternating with kisses in between. Remember to pay attention to your partner’s facial and body reactions. If they’ve gone from a state of bliss to wincing, it’s time to dial it down.

Bite Smarter:

Besides the pain that can follow, those opposed to biting usually have a problem with being marked. It can look gross, and be hard to explain to your colleagues in the break room why they’re wearing a turtleneck for the first time.

If your partner is worried about the evidence, bite strategically. The upper arms, chest, inner thighs, and back can be great places to bite that will never see the light of day (besides in the bedroom).

Know Your Bite:

For those of you who have perused the Kama Sutra, you may have encountered the chapter on biting. Here, they lay out eight different types of “bites” ranging in intensity.

For example, a small bite using only a couple teeth is called a “point,” while a bite employed with all the teeth is called a “line of jewels.” What bite works best will depend on your partner’s pain tolerance and the amount of passion mid-coitus. Sometimes a small bite will be enough, other times you may want something a little more… ferocious.


Unfortunately, if you’re a biter (or you like to be bitten) it can be difficult to find someone who’s game. Don’t give up your vampiric skills just yet–– there are ways to bite without actually biting.


Bite Differently:

Okay, not literally (although, you could if you wanted to). If your partner isn’t keen on you leaving your signature mouth brand on their body, try using a ball gag or putting your face in a pillow and biting that.

This way, you can still get the pleasure and rush you’re looking for from the tension in your jaw, and your partner is left mark free!

Bite the Bite:

The reasons behind someone’s love for the bite is the tension it builds. So if your partner isn’t down for the bite, things like hair pulling, spanking, and even getting pinned down can have a similar effect on your arousal. Who knows–– it may even replace your chomping habit for good!



Biter or not, being sexually aroused by this oral fixation is a lot more common than you think. Never feel odd that you like it, but make sure to talk to your partners before going straight for the jugular. And if you don’t, make sure to speak up if someone’s looking a little hungrier than usual.

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