Open Door Sex: Exhibitionism, Martymachilia & Agoraphilia


Who doesn’t know the scene in Old School when Will Ferrell’s wife catches him running down the neighborhood street screaming “We’re going streaking!”

Maybe you were one of the lucky sports fans who got to witness a drunk college kid make a name for himself by streaking across the football field.

These can be considered examples of exhibitionism, which a good chunk of people have heard of.

Few, however, are privy to its cousins, martymachlia and agoraphilia.

So, let’s get into it.


Exhibitionists get their kicks from exposing their privates. Now, Will Ferrell was definitely encouraged by a few beer bongs and the college streaker more than likely was on that same level, but true exhibitionists aren’t those who had one too many drinks. Nor is it just creepers who you would call the cops on. It is a real kink that can be a sober urge – they just like to show off what their mama gave them.

Take nudists for example. I can’t say that every nudist is an exhibitionist, but I would say a decent amount are aroused by it. They get enjoyment from not draping their bodies in clothing and not only in the privacy of their own home, but in public places with other people around.

It is an exhilarating feeling, that I myself can attest to. I would not consider myself a nudist, but I love being naked around other people. It has been a long journey, but I am now completely comfortable in my own skin. Even more so, I get excited by allowing others to see my privates.   


Martymachlia is sexual arousal from being watched while having sex. Whether it is through a peephole, looking glass, or on stage in front of numerous faces – having extra eyes on you while doing the four-legged fox trot can really get the blood pumping. There’s this intoxicating cycle of being watched, turning on those watching you, and then being turned on knowing you are turning others on.

It’s pretty arousing knowing that you’re the reason other people are turned on. It’s like live porn for a personally selected audience. In fact, it’s the main reason I am in the Lifestyle ( a.k.a. a swinger). 

You can practice this a bit on your own, too – especially if you also like to watch. Try having sex in front of a mirror, so you can see what others would see if they were around. You can do the same with masturbation, which can be equally as hot. If you’re a person with a penis, take it a step further by using Fleshlight ICE – which allows you to see your member while you’re using the toy.


Agoraphilia is when a person gets turned on by having intercourse in public. This could be in a variety of places – from a secluded open space like a rooftop or balcony, to semi-public like a restaurant bathroom, to a bench in a public park. Agoraphilia doesn’t have to do so much with involving spectators – as long as there is that chance of being caught. It’s the exhilarating rush of doing something naughty without people really knowing (and that you might have to stop and run at any second).

It really does give you an adrenaline rush that the bedroom just can’t compete with. Although it’s mostly quick sex when trying not to get caught, it’s still a whole lot of fun. You can turn it into a sort of scavenger sex hunt, checking off different public places to do the deed. I’m still trying to figure out how to do it on a plane flight.


The curiosity and desire for being out in the open derives from the naughtiness of it – the taboo of it all. Kind of like telling a child not to touch the exhibits in a museum. Telling a sexual adult they can’t have sex in certain places means at least some are going to want to test the boundaries.


Rose Breedlove is an erotic writer and sex coach opening mind to alternative relationships, tantra, and kink. Step away from the judgements and step into your surrender. You can keep up with Rose’s adventures at or connect with her on Instagram @RoseBreedlove or @the.naughty.pixie
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