Outdoor Sex

Having sex outdoors can be a thrilling adventure to share with a partner, but requires some important elements for success. 

Of course, please use some discretion as you plan your al fresco exploits.

After all, outdoor sex is generally not legal and certainly not appreciated by your average passerby…


How to get frisky outside

If you’re worried about getting caught, you can experience a bit of the thrill by fooling around on your apartment’s balcony, or in your backyard, a garage, or a pool. (Just make sure the fence is high enough that your neighbors don’t get a free show).

From there, you can your way up to more scandalous spots. Skirts with no panties, and pants that unzip help to make a quick and at least semi-clothed getaway in case you have to make a mad dash for it.

Image from my book, Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Do Tonight.


Getting Off The Beaten Track

Scouting for sexotic venues? L’amour at the beach is a good choice, because you’re weightless in water, which also provides the perfect cover for frisker activities. Or try something grittier, like a public restroom in your favorite club.

You might be overtaken by feelings of passion while out on a hike. Or you might be packing for a full-scale erotic camping trip. Either way, the experience can be enhanced by just a little planning.

If you want to dart off the trail and do it like bunnies, take the time to find a spot that’s semi-remote, obscured by the trees, or behind big rocks. Be sure to avoid any stinging plants or thorny bushes.

For a less impromptu frolic, set up a rustic but romantic campsite, complete with a comfortable air mattress in your tent. Remember, that just because no one can see in your tent doesn’t mean they can’t hear you.

Keep quiet if you want to avoid startling park rangers, other campers, and, of course, the animals.



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