Overheard in a Bathroom Stall

Overheard in the bathroom at Chaya Brasserie in San Francisco:
female voice #1: So, have you heard from Australia boy?
female voice #2: Totally, he like calls me every day. He remembered my birthday and everything, even with the time difference he calls.
#1: Have you heard from trainer boy?
#2: Well he’s so busy, see’s a lot of clients so I don’t hear from him that much. blah blah blah.

If this wasn’t a “he’s just not into” moment I don’t know what it is. The phrase “he’s just not into you” became popular after Carrie’s boyfriend (on an episode of Sex in the City) laid it on the line for Miranda while she was complaining about a guy’s behavior. The truth, he said, is “he’s just not that into you.”

I so badly wanted to yell this over the bathroom stall but I held back. I haven’t publicly weighed in this HJNTIU phenomenon lately, but I do think it’s pretty accurate. We all find time to get in touch with the ones we want, and these days you can tweet, text, Facebook or email. There’s definitely time for that. However, to the detriment of all those methods of communication, if he actually never calls, or makes a real plan but continues to drag you along with flirty texts, that’s not a relationship.

Just thought I’d remind you. We make time to see the ones we want.

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