Pile Driver: Greatest Sex Position of All Time?

pile driver Perhaps the pile driver position is better left to porn stars and sexually active acrobats. It is not a sex position for the faint of heart. You better have thighs of steel, or at least a sense of humor.

If you want to brave the infamous pile driver, here’s how to position your sexy, limber body…



The Pile Driver

pile driver

Image from my book, Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight 

To get into pile driver, the woman lies on the floor and flips her legs over her shoulders, as if she is doing a shoulder stand. Some women find it more comfortable to brace their lower back against a pillow or a piece of furniture. The man needs strong leg muscles, as he’s essentially doing an extended squat while he penetrates. Perhaps the pleasure of sex will outweigh the burning sensation in your legs!

pile driver

Here’s a fun interesting variation of the pile driver. To penetrate her from another angle, he can try reversing his pile-driving stance by have away from her. Now she has a view of his tightening butt cheeks and his hunched back (every girl’s dream).






pile driver

In this less-challenging modification, she kneels, with her behind as high in the air as possible, and he stands over her.

Most of the appeal of pile driver is visual: it puts everything on display. If you’re curious about what the penis looks like bobbing in-and-out of a vagina, this sex position is for you!

However, I wouldn’t recommend the pile driver as a go-to move during one night stands.  Stick to the basics, unless she actually wants to roll into a shoulder stand while his balls dangle above her head. I guess you’ll really get to know each other that way. 

But all jokes aside, why not try this crazy sex position? Even if just once. You can’t call your sex life boring when your legs are shaking in a squat or your knees are bent over your head. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you collapse from exhaustion. Sex is about trying new things and connecting with someone else. It’s not about replicating a porno by having the most extreme sex possible.

Try doing the pile driver for a minute and then finish in a cute and cuddly position. After all, variety makes for the best sex. You make up the rules of your own sex life, whether you’re in the mood to be penetrated in a pretzel or make love while caressing each other’s hair.

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