Promescent: To Spray or To Spray?

promescentThe results are in… There really is only one product that is clinically proven to effectively delay ejaculation.

A recent study revealed what we here at Sex With Emily already knew to be true: Promescent will help you last longer and can ultimately change your sex life!

Promescent is not only for men who experience premature ejaculation problems; it is for anyone that wants to last even a little bit longer or just wants a new bedroom experience — Just think of Promescent as the wingman you keep at your bedside table.

But maybe it’s not enough that WE are obsessed with it. Maybe you need proof. Scientists put the product to the test, so if you didn’t know the wonders of this magical product already, or if you’re just a Cynical Cindy, let the facts enlighten you.


To test the product’s abilities, researchers wanted to compare sex couples had while using the product to the sex they had when they were not using the product. The chosen ranged in age from 20 to 78, with the average being closer to middle age, and almost all claimed to be in good-excellent mental and physical health. So, we have a variety of healthy participants all willing to vamp up their sex life in the name of science! Most would probably vamp up their sex life in the name of a lot less.



Study Subjects: 162 men

Study Length: 2 Weeks

Study Tasks: Have sex everyday for those 2 Weeks. (What a task!)

  • There were spray days and non-spray days, meaning some days Promescent was used and other days it was not.
  • The men had to recall the differences and details of the spray days versus the non-spray days, from intercourse time to pleasure to orgasms to anything that made a difference.



After completing the two week trial, it seemed that some men were unable to withstand the 2 weeks. While a few participants did not make it to the end of the two weeks, for various reasons I’m sure, most of the participants were able to have sex 14 glorious days in a row. Most of the statements were taken from the men involved, but a handful of their female partners were also asked for their comment because well, sex is usually a two-way street. So, just what did the researchers find?



Average Sprays per session: 3.76

  • Every man is different, meaning different amounts of sprays were needed to yield similar results. Some men may need more than others to achieve whatever goal they had set for themselves.  

Positive Impact on Sexual Experience: 72.1 %

  • Practically ¾ of the participants were happy with Promescent’s effects. Regardless of if they were happy with their sex life prior to the study or they were trying to make things better, 3 out of 4 men saw a significant difference in their intercourse for the better. With every penis being unique to its owner, it’s pretty miraculous that one product can help most of them.
  • The researchers measured the participants Quality of Sexual Experience by using the QSE Scale. The possible scores on this scale range from 7 to 49 points. It indicated that the average score on the days when the product was used was 45.14, compared to only 40.56 on days when the product was not.
    • This is seen to be “significantly higher.”
  • On average, men lasted 4.35 minutes longer with the product. I know in the throws of passion, it may seem like four minutes is not very long time, but with the average sexual session lasting about 7.3 minutes, four minutes is longer than a 50% time increase.

Mutual Orgasms Experienced: 65.5 %

  • On the days the product wasn’t used, the results showed that both partners experienced climax only 44.3% of the time. That’s the difference between a C and an A on your history exam. Speaking as a heterosexual female, I’ll try anything that would increase the chance of me having an orgasm by 20%.
  • Some of the men’s partners reported a noticeable difference. One partner said Promescent, “lengthened our experiences and made our time together longer and more fulfilling.”

Decrease in Anxiety: 40.4%

  • It’s no secret that any man who cannot last that long in bed gets anxious from time to time. They are coming up short and so are their partners. However, when using Promescent, it gave the users a confidence boost, because they knew that they had more control over the situation than they ever have before.
  • Confidence is a huge factor that can make or break a sexual experience. Knowing that they were going to last longer gave the men the confidence to elevate their sexual experience as well as their partners.


There you have it; the science is there and the data is real. If there was ever a doubt in your mind before that Promescent wasn’t the best product of its kind out there, you can rest assure that it is. So, instead of wallowing in self-doubt and despair that your sex life will never be what you want it to be, go ahead and start using Promescent; you’ll be glad you did.

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