Pubic Hairstyles

pubic hairstyles Most people lack imagination when it comes to their pubes (pubic hairstyles, anyone?). But pubic hair has so much potential! How does your pubic hair represent your personality? 

If you’re looking for a canvas to express yourself, look no further than your crotch. All you need is some shaving cream, razor, and a completely brilliant idea.

Or you can just steal one of these:


Pubic Hairstyles: A Heart

 Because a way to a woman’s heart is through her clitoris.

Pubic Hairstyles: A lightning bolt

Because you have an electrifying personality, or you just really like Harry Potter.

Pubic Hairstyles: An Arrow

Because men don’t seem to understand where the clitoris is.

Pubic Hairstyles: A Flower

 Because your vagina is a beautiful flower damn it.

Here’s how to DIY:

STEP 1: Groom your pubic hair to an appropriate length (around one-eighth inches should do it).

STEP 2: Trace the shape you want to make with a lip liner over your pubic mound.

STEP 3: Carefully shave around the shape with a quality shave cream like Crazy Girl Wanna Be Naked  Intimate Shave Creme (If you use coupon code Emily25 it’s only $13). Ingrown hairs and shave bumps will definitely take away from your pubic art.

The best part about making patterns with your pubes is if you mess up you can easily turn your shape into a landing strip or shave it all off.

Pubes aren’t meant to be taken too seriously. They are strange, inconvenient hairs that many women stress over. So why not transform them into something ridiculous for a couple days?

You should do what you want with your junk, whether that means growing a mane, shaving it all off, or engraving your initials across your pubic mound.

Never forget, it’s your vagina and no one else’s. Do you!
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