Queerotica: 15 Minutes In Heaven

queerotica 15 minutes in heaven blog sex with emily

queerotica 15 minutes in heaven blog sex with emilyI smelled her perfume before I even saw her.

We were meeting for lunch. But I wasn’t planning on eating any food. Just her.

Ever since I realized how close our offices were, I’ve been fantasizing about doing it in her car on our lunch break. There’s something about the leather seats, the steamy windows, the chance that someone might look in.

Maybe it’s because, as a gay woman, I never got to fuck any of my crushes in the backseats of my parents car, like all my straight friends did in high school. But here I was, giddy as a freshman in the passenger seat of my girlfriend’s Nissan, waiting for her to do me. 


After we pretended to eat, we got in her car and drove to the beach.


The waves lapping up at the shore reminded me why we were here, and I immediately got wet. As she parked, I leaned over and kissed her neck. “Why don’t we park behind that tree?” I purred. She knew what I was up to. “We don’t have a lot of time, I have to be back for a meeting by 2:00”. I loved that she was a boss with barely any time in the middle of the day for me.

“Pretty please” I said, hiking up my skirt and pushing my wet vulva into the leather seat. I grabbed her hand so she could feel how I was making her passenger seat into a slip and slide.


“You’re honestly being so bad” she said, and bit my neck. This is heaven.


She unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over to my side of the car. Her hair fell in her face, as she traced my opening with her finger. “Do you want me?” She said, as she bit my lip. “Yes,” I said as I groaned through the pain. “I said, do you want me?” “Yes, m’am” I said brushing my hair back and pushing my pussy out to the end of the seat. Her fingers slipped inside me, one, then the other, as she kissed me.

Suddenly she pulled back my hair. “You have to come hard for me, okay?” I nodded. Her hand worked its way inside of me, kneading into me. All I could do was groan.


Mouth open, legs spread, all I wanted was more, and she knew that.


She unbuttoned my shirt as she continued. “Take this off” she said. As I was taking off the blouse, a couple walked past the car. I hesitated. “Let them watch” she said, without stopping. That was the right answer. I didn’t want her to stop my 15 minutes in heaven for a couple of strangers.

She started to suck on my nipples, her mouth softly biting, then clamping down. Her hand reached further and further inside me, it felt like she would break right through. “Lean back” she said, as she pulled my hair back to the seat. “I want to watch your face while you orgasm” I love when she tells me what to do, and she knows that. I smile too long though, and she pinches my nipple. “What did I just say?” I lean back and watch the ocean waves swelling and crashing, like my orgasm. I repeat her, taken aback by my own boldness.

She leans on to me, putting her whole weight into the magic she was working. “So do it” she says, as her hair falls into her beautiful, sweaty, face. “I wasn’t kidding about that meeting” and as she touches my throbbing clit, and thrusts into me, I stare out at the water come harder than I’ve ever come before. It feels like my whole body is filled with all the waves in the ocean. She leans back.


“Did you enjoy your 15 minutes in heaven?”


I nod. She wasn’t lying. This is heaven. “Good, because I have to get back to work.”






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