Queerotica: A Sapphic Sex Party Story

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queerotica sex party blog sex with emilyI like to make this joke that when pride month comes along in New York: The weather isn’t the only thing getting hot and wet. The only thing is, I’m not normally the one getting hot or, incidentally wet. That is, not until this Pride.

I wasn’t interested in the party, but my friend Raven had just gone through a breakup and needed a wingwoman. I’d never been to a sex party, so I was nervous, but I was single for yet another pride. So, I figured why not? What do I have to lose besides NOT watching a bunch of women have sex?


Descending into the basement, I could feel the damp before I walked in.


New York is notoriously muggy in spring, but this… This was a new level of wet. It smelled like lube, dirt floors and a diffuser filled with patchouli, but honestly I didn’t hate it. Walking in I immediately saw a woman getting her nipples pierced, and I couldn’t tell if her squeal was from pleasure or pain. I realized that it didn’t matter when the piercer put the needle into the hole again, and the hairs on the back of my neck went erect. I leaned over to Raven, “Where the fuck are we?” “Who cares?” she said, all “I know is that I’m already wet.”

I went over to the makeshift bar to get a drink to calm my nerves and immediately saw her.  Her dark hair in a little Elvis swirl.


She was wearing jeans and a harness, and nothing else.


As she was walking up to me, the party and all its sex sounds faded away. She leaned on the bar next to me. “Hey.” I froze. She was talking to me. “Hey.” “Do you have a play partner?” My whole pussy clenched up like a fist. Was she…asking about sex with..me? “I came with my friend.” I looked to my left and right. Raven was nowhere to be seen. My handsome suitor looked down at her drink. “Well, does your friend mind if I fuck you?” I almost spit out my whiskey ginger all over her bare breasts. “Um…no I don’t think so?” “Well, do you mind if I fuck you?” “Not at all.” She leaned in even closer:


“Do you mind if my girlfriend watches?”


I downed the rest of my drink. “You know what….I have a feeling I would actually love that.”
She held my hand and took me to an even darker room in the back. It was covered in velvet curtains, and there was another woman laying on a four post bed. She was naked, and sweaty. I’m assuming my new beau had just made her come too. This is my kind of party. As Meg Ryan once said “I’ll have what she’s having.”

My new beau came up behind me and grabbed my hips. “This is my girlfriend Miranda, she’s going to touch herself while I do you. Is that okay?” I nodded yes, and Miranda took my hand. “Lie down” she said, taking out a leather bag. “Go ahead and pick what dick my girlfriend uses with you.” Salivating a little bit, I thought “don’t mind if I do”. I unzipped the bag and peeked inside. I grabbed the first dildo I saw, girthy but not too big. Nice and long and in my favorite color, purple. “Good choice.” She slid the dildo into her harness and I sucked on her bottom lip. Her mouth tasted like flowers and lube. She was so beautiful.

Her hand slid between my legs, as Miranda turned on her vibrator. Luckily I had worn my shortest skirt, but unluckily I was still wearing underwear. After kneading my clit through the fabric for a while, she grabbed my hair and whispered “Take off your underwear,’ which was a relief. If I had been any wetter and worn them any longer I think they might have disintegrated.


“I want you to get on all fours and arch your back.”


I happily got into position, showing off my glistening slit, and she thrusted her thumb into me, priming me for the strap-on I chose. On her first thrust, it felt like my entire body just exploded with fireworks. I’m so glad I came to this party. “Do you like that?” She said, as Miranda started moaning, watching us. “Yeah I do” I said, turned on by Miranda’s masturbation.

This party was way better than going to a pride march. “I love it” I said as she dove deeper and deeper inside of me. “I want you to touch yourself” she growled. “If I touch my clit, I’m going to come” I said, my face getting pushed down into a pillow as her thrust grew more and more intense. Miranda leaned in my face: “Good, we want to watch you come.” Her breath was hot and wet. Miranda took the vibe off of herself and placed it on my throbbing clit. It was small but insanely powerful. I yelled out with pleasure, “I’m coming, I’m coming.” It felt like my body was a water fountain squirting all over the sheets. Miranda took back the vibrator and made herself come again as I reeled in the aftershock. Suddenly Raven walked from the party into the room.

“Oh shit!” She hid her face behind one of the curtains, but I didn’t particularly care. “I was just going to ask if you wanted to leave” she said through the velvet. “No” I said, touching Miranda’s hair as her girlfriend continued to enter me. “I think I’ll stay for a little bit longer.”




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