The Quest for the Legendary Cleanest Orgasm

Here at Sex With Emily, it’s Emily’s mission to help everyone have better sex and relationships, and with that comes a huge responsibility. Sort of like a sex superhero, if you will. Well, now she kind of is one – thanks to Shevibe. Without further ado, here is the story of the Legendary Cleanest Orgasm.



“Abracadabra,” she said softly, content with her conquest. Holding the treasure skyward, Dr. Emily Morse knew that one adventure had concluded, but another was about to begin.

This triumphant discovery has a back-story. You see, Emily’s quest is to save the world – one orgasm at a time. One day, she received a note that read, “Attaining the Legendary Cleanest Orgasm is as easy as 1,2,3.”

“These words mean something,” she explained to the Sex with Emily research team. “Legendary… what does legendary have to do with orgasms?”

There was only one product that could claim such a status – the Magic Wand With a FIFTY-YEAR history of delivering pleasure, there was nothing else like it.

Cross-referencing “Cleanest Orgasm” with Magic Wand revealed another first-of-its-kind: The UVee This device stores, charges and SANITIZES sex toys – and was designed specifically to fit something as powerful as the Magic Wand.

“Boom,” Emily said aloud.

Armed with nothing more instinct and a thirst for healthy pleasure, our hero embarked on what would be her most satisfying expedition ever.

Scaling down the slick rock face, she reached the cavern floor and spotted the UVee Home Play. But it was locked! Dr. Emily remembered the cryptic note.

“Easy as 1, 2… 3,” she said as she turned the dials, lifted the lid, and revealed the cleanest Magic Wand in the world – fully charged and ready to go.



While the story and artwork is admittedly awesome, the “legendary cleanest orgasm bundle” is amazing as well. So first, the Magic Wand Rechargeable – which turns 50 years old this year (50!) – continues to be the top wand massager on the market. It’s powerful, sturdy, body safe, and every person who has ever tried it can’t get enough. Plus, it’s actually a body massager, so goodbye back aches!

Second, is the UVee Home Play which uses patented UV-C light to kill 99.99% of all harmful bacteria on your sex toys. Actually, on any device that fits in there. Even more, it CHARGES them, and stores them in a neat, lockable box. The best part? The designed the size with the Magic Wand in mind.

So while some of you may have both or one of these items, if you don’t, you might as well get them together for a nicely discounted price. Who doesn’t like a bundle?


But seriously, how awesome is this comic of Emily?


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