What She Really Wants: How to Give 164% in Bed

Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to orgasm at the same exact time as your partner, but as long as you both get what you need, it doesn’t matter if they necessarily match up. Sometimes, that alone is hard enough to achieve.

We’ve all been there; we’re having amazing sex with our partners, coming so close to that big orgasmic crescendo only to be cut short by a premature release. Whether we were on the receiving or giving end of this, it can be kind of a bummer. 

Science may not have completely destroyed the orgasm gap, but with the help of Promescent, that pesky gap can become significantly shorter. Promescent helps you last longer in bed than you could ever imagine, taking you from an average lover to an overachiever.

The best part is… It’s available now at your local Rite Aid, making it easier than ever to get! If you don’t have a Rite Aid near you and you still want to get it, or want more information, go to www.promescent.com.

So, never leave either orgasm hanging again and try out Promescent!

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