Sex-Ed September: Getting Back to Basics

Hey there sport, have a seat. I want to talk to you about something important. I know, I know… in school they taught you all about “the birds and the bees,” but they leave out a lot of the good stuff. That’s what I want to talk to you about. See, every once and a while, we all need to get back to the basics for a quick refresher course including the good stuff like “How to’s” and useful tips. Sexuality is an advanced course, one that is ever-evolving and always exciting.

There will forever be new toys to play with, books to read, and porno to make in your bedroom. Sex is an infinitely fascinating subject, though it remains shrouded in mystery. It’s obviously one of human kind’s earliest endeavors, but still relatively young in terms of scholastic history. In addition to the myriad of new studies and information, we also want to get back to the basics when it comes to excitement. A refresher course is the perfect way to reignite your healthy curiosity when it comes to all things sex. There’s much to learn and we have much to teach to you.

That’s why for the full month of September, Sex With Emily will be focused on getting back the basics to make all kinds of sex, even hotter, better, and more orgasmic. This month, let us help you bone up on Anatomy, practice your Oral History, and nail Physical Education (let BDSM be your titillating elective).

Welcome to day one of  Sex Ed 101: SWE Style.

You’ll have many instructors as your learn the erotic arts in your naughty school itinerary, but today I will be your teacher for this quick course on kissing. You can call me Ms. Conduct, but please hold all questions until the end (below in the comments section or in the SWE inbox).

Lesson One: French

The esoteric art of kissing may seem old school, but it’s a timeless turn on. Unfortunately, it seems that many couples make out less and less as they get older, or as the relationship progresses. Bring back more open mouth kissing people! Like many sex techniques, it’s a skill you can refine through practice. Here are a few pointers to revitalize your Frenching.

Start with the tease:

Eyes locked as you lick your lips, be flirtatious and smile. Pretend that you’re meeting for the first time– even touch your fingertips to your lips for a second. Lean in close, talk a little dirty or say something romantic depending on the vibe. Creating this sexual tension is equally arousing for both men and women, and anyone can become irresistibly sexy while using these simple, playful gestures.

Breathe in this person and be present in the moment: 

French Kissing actually evolved as our olfactory senses developed, so enjoy the primordial link between your sense of smell and sense of taste. Kiss; kiss again, but add a little tongue. Pay attention to your partner’s movements, breathe in their natural musk.

Kiss Deeper:

Run your fingers through their hair, place your hands on their thighs or around their waist– explore the embrace. Now fully, whole-heartedly press in and massage your tongue against theirs. This kissing technique is like kissing with your whole body. You can straddle your partner while standing or press them against the wall. Continue this for some time, longer than you think you should! It doesn’t even need to lead to sex! Though if it does, you get extra credit. Just keep practicing, kiss longingly and lovingly, whenever you can.

Trés bon class!


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