What do you wish they taught you in Sex Education?

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I asked everyone I know, and don’t know for that matter, to tell me what they wish they had learned in Sex Ed. Instead of describing  sex as a lethal baby-making activity, many agree that Sed Ed should’ve said something about the possibility for pleasure. Instead of presenting abstinence as the only option for teens, perhaps Sex Education should promote sex positivity, consent, and masturbation.  I guess that’s just a little too progressive for High School education. If we the people did Sex Education, here’s what we’d teach:


First, you need a good teacher

I wish the teacher wasn’t so nervous back then. He just put the over-head projector on and left the room


“Firstly, it should be taught by someone who is all about sex-education, not the awkward health or PE teacher who is required to teach it. I wished there was a sense of levity and a focus on facts as well as the pleasurable aspect of it.”


“I went to a Catholic School, and spoke very little about sex. My mother and grandmother told me the basics, but I wish they taught me to love my body, and not to feel guilty about sex. Also that sex is better when you are a mature woman. After 25 is when I’ve really enjoyed it.” 


“Years ago I went to a catholic school and was taught that unless I was a virgin on my “wedding day” I would burn in hell. I have raised my daughter to love herself, her body and enjoy a healthy intimate relationship with whomever she chooses.”

Sure, abstinence is the only 100% form of safe sex. And by abstinence we mean masturbation.

Instead of teaching a bunch of horny teenagers abstinence, which is pretty unrealistic, they should be talking about alternatives. You don’t need a man to get off, and vice versa, there is no shame in masturbation, and you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, stds, etc…. Just sayin!”


“That masturbation is completely natural and healthy for both genders. They should actually give vibrators away, I mean it is the safest sex out there. Plus I read an article that mentioned that women who masturbate will actually have healthier sex lives because they know what gets them off. An orgasm can make an ok day so much more amazing.”


“Never let a man or anyone else ever convince you that only they can bring you pleasure. It is perfectly ok to bring yourself pleasure. You don’t NEED anyone to do it for you. If you don’t know your own body well and intimately how can you expect anyone else to?

Our recommended curriculum…

“Wish they taught something, anything, about gay sex topics…”


“How to deep throat!”


“No means No!”


“How to perform oral sex on a woman, and do it well!”


“They should be teaching boys all about girls bodies as well as their own. Dad’s don’t really cover girl’s periods in the sex talk.”


“I second teaching boys about women’s bodies. My ex actually thought the urethral opening was the same as my vagina until I explained it to him”


“They only covered conception. I think us girls were told about periods…I wish they would have explained boy parts and told me that girls have orgasms too”


“The “Jesuit missionary” position. I hear the orgasms are just divine.”


“That some girls squirt. Like what gland is that?”


“If the g-spot is a real place or something women just made up one day to frustrate men. Since women know men are not going ask for directions to the g-spot, we are never going to find it.

Editor’s note– I guess they should include a map to the G-spot & clitoris in the textbook.

The overall message

That we shouldn’t be ashamed of it…period.”


“That most of your feelings, desires, fears, fantasies, and needs are “normal”!


“To embrace, enjoy and explore your sexuality.”


“PLEASURE.. how to receive it… and to expect it. Especially for young women.”


“That self-exploration, mentally and physically, is what will really guide you to sexual satisfaction.”


I remember being taught about abstinence, anatomy, the various health risks, and waiting for the “right one.” But I wish they would’ve taught that sex is the most natural and beautiful thing we as human beings can experience. so instead of it being taboo that its ok to talk about it and experiment, of course in a safe manner. Also that foreplay is the most important. Some men don’t seem to understand that.”


“They should teach us to ditch the porn star mentality and that you’re totally allowed to communicate with whoever you’re having sex with Nobody has any idea what they are doing when they’re sixteen so everyone can relax.”


And the grand prize winner is…


“That sexiness is an inside job. It comes from a place deep within you, not from feedback from the world.  If you depend on the feedback, your sexiness will disappear. If you own it, take charge of it, get to know it, embrace it, then the whole world will be wowed.”

As to our prize…

 Sinclair Institute’s “Better Sex” series is FANTASTIC… the person who wins this basket will not be disappointed!!”


“I wish they taught me how to avoid dishonest partners. My ex-wife STOLE my Sinclair DVD’s!”

All prizes are from Sinclair Institute, a company that creates educational DVDs and carries a bunch of sex toys.  These are not the Sex Ed videos they showed you in your Middle School gym. They encourage open communication between partners and help people overcome inhibitions and misconceptions about sex. Plus you get to learn about sex  by seeing the real thing in the DVDs.  We’re giving over $400 worth of products  in the grand prize, including the Better Sex Series: Sexplorations, because we think you deserve to learn everything they didn’t teach you in school.

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