How long should you wait before having sex?

In a recent interview, the blog myTreat asked: “when and what should people consider before having sex with someone new they are dating? Is there a guideline you think people should follow (i.e., no sex until date number 3)?”  Here is my response: 

People should wait as long as possible to have sex when they first start seeing someone new. When people have sex too soon, they get pre-maturely attached to the person and the sex. Especially with hormones raging like oxytocin “the cuddle hormone,”we think we know someone just because we had sex with them. Best to take the time to get to know each other before you throw sex into the equation. They say love is a blind for a reason: when we become blinded by lust we can’t see the raging red flags in the distance. We’re more likely to overlook flaws and less likely to see this person who they really are. Take time to enjoy the person and pay attention. Remember, the anticipation is what makes the sex even hotter.

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