Sex on the First Date

top_10_sexy_ways_to_tease_him“Waiting to have sex” seems like a thing of the past doesn’t it? In fact, after even uttering the phrase, one is instantly transported to a time of jukeboxes, pop and fedoras. Until recently, people were expected to holdout until marriage due to stringent sexual taboos and traditions. Therefore, exploring the many joys of intercourse on a first date would not only hinder your intimate relationships— it could possibly exterminate your social life all together.


However, we now live in an age of forever expanding technology, meaning that sex is everywhere, and it’s easy to get to. With the invention of dating apps one can find a date in minutes, with just a swipe in the right direction. So it may appear that people (specifically young people) are partaking in much more premarital sex than previous generations.. But you know what they say about appearances.

As it turns out, this may not actually be the case. A recent study by surveyed 1,000 people 18 to 65 years old and found that two out of three people have not had sex on a first date. Many people still believe sex should not ‘just be given away’— Not surprisingly, this was especially true for people 65 years and older. However, you may be shocked to learn the study also found people between the ages of 18 and 24 share similar feelings. It would seem that traditional values sometimes can’t be escaped— even in a world of instant gratification.

Along with these values, people might not leap into the sack on the first date because the experience often lacks intimacy and comfort. An important component of any sexual relationship is the bond the two lovers build and share together. Although first-date sex can be steamy and erotic, it can also be awkward and rooted in selfish desires. No one likes a selfish lover!

Dating is about having fun, while exploring a new person. There are no rules regarding sexual deadlines, so do what feels right— whether you just met or you’re celebrating your honeymoon.


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