Sex Positions For Plus-Size Pleasure

pluz size sex position blog sex with emily

pluz size sex position blog sex with emilyWhen we search for images of sex, nine times out of ten, what comes up? Able bodied, skinny, toned, white or light skinned people. In so much of pornography and the visual sex we consume, it’s about what insane positions can people get into while keeping the friction going.

Most times, plus size bodies are left entirely out of the conversation when talking about sex, and that is discouraging, but exclusionary, and directly shaming of people that are less than the ‘media ideal’.

Here are some plus size sex positions that can help you bring out the inner porn star in the bedroom. 



As we go through these positions, we’ll be talking mostly about partnered, penetrative sex. When one partner is larger than the other, the angle of penetration is key to choosing a great plus size sex position. By understanding where and how you’re positioned, you’ll be able to achieve deep, satisfying penetration.


Everyone Loves Doggy

The easiest and simplest way to get your partner off is doggy style. Doggy style works particularly well for bodies that carry more weight in the abdomen area. With the plus size partner on all fours, no one’s tummy will get in the way of penetration from behind. However, for bodies with a little more junk in the booty trunk, this might be a touch more difficult.  You can also modify the doggy-style position by going from your knees into a starfish position. By sprawling out flat on the stomach, it opens access to penetration from behind. This also gives you real estate to kiss their back and neck, pull their hair, and fondle them while you go at it.


Giddy Up

This position is commonly referred to as “Cowgirl”, but that’s gender-exclusionary so let’s call it the “Giddy Up!” With the plus size partner mounting the other partner facing them, deep penetration is a cinch. Being on top, you also control the speed and intensity at which you are banging.

Plus size people, don’t be afraid of ‘crushing’ your partner. Mattresses have give, and chances are, your partner wants your hot body all over them. Plus, weight on bodies produce release of serotonin and a reduction of cortisol (a stress hormone) so by laying it on your partner, you’re actually relieving, releasing, and relaxing them.



For this position, spread your wings and prepare to fly! The plus size partner lays on their back at the edge of the bed/counter/table/couch, and drapes their legs on their partner’s shoulders. This allows for easy access for not only penetration, but maximum stimulation of the g-spot, p-spot, and any other spot you can find in there. This butterfly position will definitely get your partner to hit those Mariah Carey notes. 




Love On Top

A wise woman said ‘put your thang down, flip it and reverse it.’ This same ingenious phrasing could be used to describe two plus size lovers getting it on. A reverse cowgirl where the person on top leans forward, not only gives a better angle to penetrate, from behind, but also allows for the extra belly cushion to be out of the way of each other. With the penetrator on their back, this actually relieves mid-section weight, further revealing the penis/strap-on/finger and allowing for deeper penetration.


A Leg Up On The Competition

Similar to the butterfly, this is a modification called the “leg glider” that allows for deep penetration. One partner lies on their back, while one of their legs gets lifted onto the shoulder of their partner. Only lifting one leg allows space for the negotiation of bodies to facilitate penetration. If the partner standing and penetrating leans back slightly while thrusting, more of their penis/strap-on can be revealed to achieve the knocking of walls. 


Big Tips


  • Fluffers

Pillows are your friend. Whether you need them underneath your hips while on your stomach, or underneath your lower back, try different textures and fillers. A memory foam pillow will give you strong support, whereas a down pillow may offer more minimal, but flexible support.


  • The Edge Of Glory

Speaking of support, a great tip for penetration is to lean over a piece of furniture, a counter, or a bed. If you’re heavier, sometimes it may be difficult to hold your weight up. By being braced against something, it’s a great way to fully enjoy the rhythm without holding up the weight.


  • Pee Shy

There is an increased chance for urinary incontinence for plus size people after sex. Doing Kegel exercises will not only help combat the incontinence but will result in a stronger pelvic floor and stronger orgasms. If you want to take your pelvic floor health up a notch, you can get a product like the Yarlap to do your Kegels for you! Either way, no matter your size, Kegels are good for you, so get to flexing!




Body-shaming is a major problem in our society. Body-positivity and inclusivity among different people of every size is an important part of sexual equality. If you are a heavier person, take these tips and have the hot sex that you and everyone deserves!



Lumi Park is a writer, foodie, and Capricorn, from the cornfields of Ohio. He once won a NYC bartending award, a Brooklyn-wide comic book Trivia Bowl, and went to nationals two years in a year for the sport of jump roping. He is oddly not competitive. 

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