Sex Pot

I’m in Venice Beach where everyone and their mothers are heading to the beach to celebrate 420. Odds are some 420 enthusiasts will end up in 69 position tonight or at least get to 2nd base. Maybe someone will even have marijuana menage a trois (threesome) with a couple of sex pots…

Here’s the 101 on sex numbers, in case you’re having a hard time doing math today.

3.14= a threesome with a few toys

88=  orgy  (two infinite loops signify a swinging foursome)

911= a steamy affair with a fireman or emergency worker

411= someone wearing their clothes too tight (TMI- Too much information)

86’d= A woman didn’t have an orgasm (my least favorite number)

611= the “611”is the cost of dating someone before the sex.

0= you’re not get any, but you can only go up from here!

1 = masturbation, or as I like to call it, sex with someone you love.

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