Are Sex Robots In Our Future?

sex robots blog sex with emily
sex robots blog sex with emily

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The future is here – and apparently, sex robots are part of it.

As with most technology, sex robots have both pros and cons.

So, it’s time to start at square one and get a sense of what we should really expect.



What Are Sex Robots?

We’re not talking about something from a science fiction novel or a kitschy gimmick you’d find at a con. This is the up-and-coming market of full-fledged, anthropomorphic pleasure-bots. They’ve been in the works for years and are becoming more refined than some may realize. However, with tech like Roombas, Siri and Alexa already being integral to everyday life, it’s fair to wonder what sex robots could mean for the future of intimacy.

At the corner of intimacy and tech stand sex robots. They are one of the latest forms of sensual technology that’s been in development around the world for more than a decade. They use a combination of voice and facial recognition, motion-sensing capabilities, and animatronic engineering. These pleasure-bots are pretty much everything you’d imagine them to be. Or are in the process of getting there, at least.


While sex dolls have been around for centuries, sex robots are distinctly different. They have unique AI technology incorporated into them so they can interact and respond to human emotion. The goal is making sex robots act and look as realistic as possible. They are completely customizable in every way. From sex and hairstyle to body type and even personality, too.


The Pros of Sex Robots

Of course, the kinky benefits are the first thing that comes to mind. However, arguments are definitely made for sex robot potential extending far beyond that alone. 

Some see the sexual function as small and superficial compared to the technology’s much larger capacity for providing support. Many of these robots are capable of talking, smiling and remembering things you tell it. Because of this, sex robots have been proposed as companion tools. Sex robots could be particularly useful for those who are lonely, disabled and/or older. As well as a way for people to practice their social and sexual skills.


The buck doesn’t stop there. Sex robots have also been touted as a means for couples in LDRs to keep the spice alive by being able to have virtual sex through them. They are also being considered as a possible tool for certain facets of sexual therapy. Intriguing…


So What Are The Cons?

Sexbots are yet another development in the $30-billion sex tech industry. They aren’t perfect though. There are several drawbacks often cited in terms of what social implications they could cause.

One of the first alarms sounded is what negative effects sex robots could have on the quality of intimate relationships in general. Despite all the things these machines are programmed to do, it’s ultimately a one-way connection. Even though it may say otherwise, a pleasure-bot can’t love you back. But for some out there, that could be enough. Which makes sexbot-opponents question whether they would make people less motivated to put work into regular relationships. If there’s a need-free solution that’s “just as fulfilling”, why bother?


They also raise some eyebrows as to how our society views women. With a lot of these robots designed and targeted toward men, they tend to boast the tiny waist/huge chest stereotypical standards of beauty. It’s not just that, sex robots are usually programmed to always say yes to having sex. That doesn’t set the healthiest example for consent.

From the fear of people mistreating them, to use as an outlet for twisted proclivities, there’s big debate about other moral and ethical issues surrounding pleasure-bots. Although it wouldn’t be 2019 without concerns of privacy as well. These types of robots (and the apps they run on) could yield some pretty interesting data. It’s understandable to wonder if someone would be inclined to start collecting it at some point, too.


Regardless of where you stand, many people believe these are the conversations we should be having about the future of sex robotics. Instead of waking up one day to a science fiction nightmare, we can ahead of time weigh the perks, pitfalls, and problems still to solve that come with the pleasure-bot territory.

Apparently, these are the droids some have been looking for!  It’s clear they offer positive potential as well as risks, but that’s the world of technology. Would you try one? Let us know!


Alex Anderson is an LA-based lifestyle designer proactively raging against the cultural grain. By day she works in television production, and by night enjoys writing, sewing and seeking guidance from the stars. She also finally has an all black kitty named “Cher.” You can follow her website and on Instagram!
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