Sex, Science and YOU!

Sex in the newsAt this point in our sex lives, we all know that getting down in the bedroom can actually benefit our health! And since it’s so beneficial, physically, emotionally, spiritually, why wouldn’t we want to make it the absolute best that it can be? Well that’s where science comes into play. See, there are researchers out there every day, asking questions, recording data and dedicating all of their scientific brainpower to answering one question: How can we make sex even better?

This week’s Sex in the News is all about the scientific studies that tell us how to improve our behavior between the sheets. I know that some people might see the word “science” and automatically get bored, but much of this information is useful for every person having sex. So in the spirit of healthier and hotter sex, I’m going to break down three different sex studies by utilizing the three W’s: where you’re having sex, when you’re having sex and even what you’re doing in the bedroom.

Where you’re doing it:

Have you ever retraced every moment of an intimate night with your partner and felt like something was missing? You go through your mental checklist: scented candles, sex toys, some sexy lingerie, what else could you need? Well science has your answer: music!

A recent study from Fox News shows that your environment plays a big role in how good your sex will be — primarily, the vibes within the environment. Well all know that some people prefer a quiet room with scented candles to find the most pleasure, while others want loud, spirited music while they do salsa in the sheets. But according to this study, couples who have sex with music playing actually report getting busy 67% more than those who don’t, suggested that a sex soundtrack is definitely the way to go. Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, neuroscientist (like McDreamy) found that music directly coincides with people’s moods’ – music leaves them less-stressed, inspired and happier. So the next time you’re planning a special night with your partner, make a Spotify playlist for that extra surprise and to change up the mood.

What you’re doing:

Picture this: You’re sitting in a 5-star restaurant wearing a killer outfit; sitting across from you is the person you’ve deemed the “love of your life” for the last 12 months, smiling at you as he takes your hand across the table. Everything is perfect — until you’re reminded of the mundane, effortless sex you’ll be engaging in tonight, totally killing the vibe. We’ve all been there. After a certain point in every relationship, you get comfortable. You stop putting that extra attention into pleasing your partner, and lovemaking starts to lose its luster… Which is why it’s important to take into consideration not just the environment you’re having sex in, but WHAT you’re doing as well.

Recently The Chicago Tribune reported on a new study concerning the sexual satisfaction of long-term couples. According to the study’s findings, sexual passion can be sustained, even after decades with the same person. Two-thirds of respondents reported that their sex lives were as great now as they were in the beginning stages of their relationships!

You’re probably asking yourself how and why. Were they in open relationship? Did they have sex more often? Do they have a childless household or something? As it turns out, the one thing that these couples most had in common was that they were still willing to try new things with each other! The study found that by doing things like trying a new position, acting out a sexual fantasy, or using sex toys, couples maintained that spark they had the first six months of dating throughout the long-term relationship. The data also revealed that sexually satisfied men and women gave and received more oral sex, had more consistent orgasms and engaged in more frequent sex – the key to success lies in diversity.

When you’re doing it:

One of the greatest misconceptions about having a satisfying sex life is that you have to be doing it A LOT. While this theory may seem foolproof, there isn’t a lot of actual data to back it up. And now a new Canadian study has actually found the opposite to be true —  According to the research, the sweet spot for couples is one night of hot sex a week! If you’re getting busy more than once a week, more power to you, but “the link between personal happiness and sex becomes more tenuous”, as asserted by IFLSience.

It should be noted that the link only applies to romantic couples. The study reports that, while it’s important to maintain a sexual connection with a romantic partner, having a realistic expectation for one’s sex life is essential, especially since so many couples are busy with work and responsibilities. The fact is, you are more likely to get bored with your partner if you have too much sex. It’s kind of a relief in my opinion – it takes a lot of pressure off of couples and keeps that special intimacy tied with sex intact.

Whether it’s changing up your routine, your playlist or your location, I hope this gave you some tips and tricks that’ll help you through harder times in the bedroom, or at least give you an idea of how to do it better!

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