Sex Tips for Valentine’s Day

My valentine for you comes in a virtual envelope with a red stamp. Open it up and you’ll find a sex proposition to share with your partner. But before I can send you a valentine, I think we should get to know each other a little first. I need to know how vanilla or spicy you like things. Then I’ll know exactly what sex tips to send you and your partner in my new Sex Drive app


Since I don’t know your name yet, is it okay if I call you Jennifer or Mark? Don’t worry, once you download my Sex Drive app you and your partner’s names will appear in every tip.

Also, My app isn’t just for straight couples. You can enjoy Emily’s Sex Drive whether you are a Mark/Jennifer, Mark/Mark, or a Jennifer/Jennifer.

Without further adieu, here are some of the Sex Drive tips I might be sending you this Valentine’s Day:

1. Slow it down 

Slow your movements down to have longer-lasting sex and a more sensual experience. Slower sex not only increases the chances of Jennifer orgasming but will also provide Mark with stronger orgasms. A slower pace will help Mark approach an orgasm without going over the edge too soon. When Mark finally gets there, the release will be much sweeter.

Mark should grind against Jennifer slowly to hit all the right spots. It feels best if Mark alternates between long and short thrusts. These movements will help stimulate areas often missed during fast, jackhammer sex. Mark should rub Jennifer’s clitoris with his penis by spiraling his hips clockwise and then counter-clockwise.

Switch from shallow to deep movements. Speed can be alternated. Variety is key when it comes to sex, but there’s nothing quite like making slow passionate love.

2. Invite a third

Having sex with a vibrator can increase Jennifer’s chances of orgasming during sex. Get a subtle clitoral vibrator that isn’t too intrusive during sex. Choose a position like doggie style or missionary position with Jennifer’s legs over Mark’s shoulders. Jennifer should place the vibrator on her clitoris and apply pressure while Mark thrusts in and out of Jennifer.

3. Share the Self-love 

Pleasuring yourself in front of your partner is a great way to show them what you need and enjoy in the bedroom. Some various options: Mark masturbates while Jennifer watches, Jennifer masturbates while Mark watches, or you can both stroke yourselves at the same time. The only rule is no sex with each other. Pay close attention to how you touch yourselves and try simulating these techniques the next time you please each other. While you’re educating yourself, it’s sexy to watch your partner reach sexual fulfillment on their own.


4. Stranger in the night

Plan your next date out at your favorite bar. Order dirty martinis, enjoy each other’s company, and maybe do a little dancing. Here’s the catch: you must act like perfect strangers. Pretend you don’t know your partner from Adam. Stay in character and try to seduce each other. Maybe you even want to make up fake names and personas. Wear something daring and different. Once you’ve “picked up” your partner and taken them home the fun can really begin.

5. Fantasy Favorite

Let yourself be inspired by your sci-fi or fantasy favorite. Whether Harry Potter is your guilty pleasure or your favorite movie of all time, bring out your inner nerd by re-enacting some of your favorite scenes in the bedroom. We can all admire the way Princess Leia looks in her slave girl outfit. So sit back on the couch and have a movie or tv marathon with your partner. The role play fun starts once the credits start rolling…or maybe hours before. Don’t be afraid to heighten the immersive pleasure by introducing sexy costumes or props. There’s no need to stick to the script either, let your instincts have the creative control.

My Sex Drive App has over a hundred tips on everything you can imagine, from french kissing to BDSM, from foreplay to backdoor play. Have fun exploring each others bodies! And Happy Valentine’s Day to all.



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