Why Sex Toys are a Great Addition to Your Sex Life

Sex toys and pleasure products still remain a controversial topic. Some people are completely turned off and intimidated by the idea because they think using such technology is unnatural or somehow a criticism on their own skills in the bedroom.

Others are totally in favor of anything sex toy related. So much so, they don’t even see using a Magic Wand during sex as kinky.

You don’t have to have an arsenal in your closet or a room dedicated to sex tech galore, but if you still don’t get what all the hubbub is about – let me give you some much needed perspective.

First and foremost, never think of sex toys as something that can replace you. No vibrator can replace a human being. And if it does, there are a lot more problems in the relationship than you think.

Sex toys are meant to be a way of enhancing sensations to give your sex life variety. Think about it like this – you probably love dessert, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to have chocolate cake every time you have your after dinner treat, right? Sometimes you want sponge cake, or pie, or ice cream. And even on your ice cream, you may want sprinkles from time to time.

The point is sex toys can do a lot for your sex life, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


Great for Solo Play:

Most people in the world masturbate. I mean, everyone should because it’s amazing and awesome, but for whatever reason, some people don’t. Anyways. Whether you’re a gal, a guy, neither, or somewhere in between, masturbation is a healthy way to connect with yourself and your sexuality. Sex toys are only going to enhance that.

Fingers and hands don’t vibrate (unless there’s X-Men walking about that have yet to come forward), so the sensations you get from a vibrator aren’t ones you can create on your own. You can always sit on the washing machine, but what if you’re not doing laundry? You can use a shower head, but what if yours isn’t removable (or you’re not in the shower)?

My masturbation routine has forever changed ever since the Womanizer 2go came into my life. It’s my favorite go-to (see what I did there?). Seriously though, I sleep with it under my pillow. And I can climax in under a minute, usually going for about three or four orgasms in one session.


Great for That Little Extra:

Toys aren’t only for self-love – they can do wonders in your couples play as well. More women than you’d think have a hard time getting off during penetrative sex (or at all), even if the sex itself is “good” in their eyes. And it’s not that their partner isn’t doing enough, it’s just that the vagina and vulva are seriously complex.

Using a couples toy like the We-Vibe Sync, can help give that extra “oomph” during intercourse that will allow both people to enjoy the vibrations.

Especially when you’re a couple of two women, you can both use toys to help each other have multiple among multiple climaxes. A great choice for that is the Mystery Vibe Crescendo because this thing has six separate motors. SIX. All that can have a different vibe pattern, intensity, and speed. You’ll be using it hundreds of times before you use it the same way twice.

For men, you can use prostate toys, like the Vibratex Black Pearl during sex to get double the stimulation for a truly explosive orgasm.


Great for Long Distance:

For couples who go the distance (literally), there are toys that pair up with an app on your smartphone so you can play with each other no matter where you are. Almost every We-Vibe product can be paired with an app, and you can control the vibration pattern and intensity of your partner’s toy. The best part is that if both partners have a toy, they can be used by the app at the same time! So no more relying on phone sex alone.


Great for Your Pelvic Floor Health:

Here at SWE, we’re always stressing the importance of keeping your pelvic floor healthy. Not only do stronger Kegel muscles help with incontinence issues with people who have vaginas, and ejaculatory control in people with penises, it helps everyone have stronger, more frequent orgasms. So basically, you should be doing your Kegels (unless a doctor has told you otherwise due to other health issues).

It can be hard to tell whether or not you’re doing them correctly, but luckily, there’s ways to work around that! The Intensity by Pour Moi and the Apex are medical devices that use electro stimulation to do your Kegels for you. Plus, the Intensity is also a vibrator, so it works out your pelvic floor AND gives you an orgasm. Isn’t science neat?


So, if pleasure products are already your jam or you’re still on the fence, consider all the benefits they can do for you. Soon enough, you may just find yourself with a UVee full of them.

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