Adopting your Girlfriend

When the substantial fortune of Florida millionaire and Polo champ John Goodman, 48, was threatened by a wrongful-death lawsuit caused by his drunk driving, he made the responsible, mature decision and adopted his 42 year old girlfriend. Wait, what?

By turning his darling into his daughter, Goodman ensured the continued safety of his money. He created a $70 million trust fund for his new, pretend offspring that they could both access later, and it was entirely, weirdly legal. Their financial life was undoubtedly secured, but how this new move affected their love life, the world may never know.

Adopting one’s adult lover to simplify the process of inheritance or maintain control over an estate is a growing trend in the US amongst the wealthy, and both lawyers and lovers are having difficulties making sense of it. What happens when a Sugar Daddy becomes a Daddy Daddy? Does it spice things up in the bedroom, or unleash rightfully-repressed Oedipal urges? Does it even matter when $70 million is involved? If you ever run into Mr. Goodman strolling around with his sweetheart/successor, please find out for us.


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