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sexual anxiety blog sex with emilyWe are at the dawn of a sexual revolution. Humans are releasing shame, giving ourselves permission to ask for our desires and owning the Erotic Beings that we are. One major deterrent of sexual pleasure that remains consistent in our culture is performance anxiety. 

I get it, the pressure, expectations and obligations of “performing” can be quite overwhelming. But fear not, there are natural methods that can quell your anxiety. One of these is cannabis!


What does Sexual Anxiety look like?

Sexual anxiety comes in many forms and manifest in many different ways. A short list of these symptoms include:

  • Erectile Difficulties
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Concerns of taking too long
  • Worries of partners enjoyment
  • Confusion around our own enjoyment
  • Worries about appearance
  • Fear of sexual pressure
  • Memories of past traumas

I could go on and on and on but the bottom line is…Chances are, at one point of another, you’ve suffered from some variation of Sexual Anxiety.

Why does this happen? 

Because we live in a world where sexuality is very confronting. It is in our faces on television, billboards and every marketing tool out there. However, sex is still so taboo, forbidden and confusing. It’s no wonder we experience anxiety around sexuality.


My Personal Experience With Anxiety

 I used to have so much anxiety around sex that I would cover my face with a pillow out of fear that my pleasure and orgasm would be seen. I worried that I didn’t look or sound like the womxn portrayed on television or in porn. Men from all over the world share the pressure and obligation felt of “performing there manly duties.” 

What has been a major needle mover for me overcoming my sexual anxiety is cannabis. I think back to my pre-sexually awakened womxn and remember the most sexually free I’d ever felt was with cannabis. 

My personal experience with anxiety is when my mind travels to future “issues” rather than being in the present. I think about future problems, conversations to be had or to-do lists. Resulting in feeling disconnected from my body, pleasure and turn on.

Cannabis, Mother Earth’s gift to humanity lifts the veil, revealing what is possible.


Using Cannabis for sexual anxiety

THC and CBD are the two major compounds found in cannabis. They have many benefits in aiding the symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety. For one, the terpene profile limonene which is often found in various strains of cannabis produces a lift in mood and relieves anxiety. Secondly, cannabis induces the impairment of short-term memory which is specifically suitable for staying present during sex. When we’re not stressed out or thinking about things waiting for us outside of sexy time, we can relax, stay present and enjoy the sex happening.

The average dosing guide is 10 milligrams of THC and 10 milligrams of CBD. However I personally suggest starting with lower amounts, around 2-5 milligrams. ALWAYS practice micro dosing which is going low and going slow as well as being intentional as too much THC can induce anxiety.


THC Strains For Reducing Sexual Anxiety

Consider these strains when desiring the euphoric high associated with cannabis. 

WARNING! Be mindful when consuming THC, while some find THC’s intoxicating effects to be relaxing, others may be sensitive to them and find that they actually worsen anxiety.


Granddaddy Purple THC Dominant

Eases you into a peaceful mindset while urging your body to release all that stress and tension. Sink in and let a blissful mindset take over.


Canna-Tsu Balanced THC/CBD

If you don’t want to get stoned out of their gourd every time your anxiety symptoms flare up, try a blended strain. Luckily, there are strains like Canna-Tsu that offer gentle effects that are easier to manage. Find that peaceful mindset without the worry of overdoing it with too much THC.


CBS Strains For Reducing Sexual Anxiety

CBD, a compound found in cannabis is known for its medicinal effects without the euphoric high commonly associated with THC. Research shows that CBD can have a real impact on the brain receptors involved in the body’s response to anxiety.

CBD strains are great for anxiety relief. This is especially true if you’re new to cannabis or seeking little to no euphoric high.


Remedy CBD-dominant

This is a no-frills cannabis strain with one purpose: to walk you calmly through your anxiety toward a more peaceful mindset. A few puffs of this aptly named CBD strain can help you reach a sense of lightness in your mind as the burden of worry lifts. Additionally, if smoking isn’t your thing, daily doses of CBD infused tinctures are wonderful for long term effects


Cannabis Consumption Ritual For Reducing Sexual Anxiety

  1. Choose your preferred cannabis and method of consumption.
  2. Create an environment suited for soothing the mind, body and soul. Consider candles, essential oils like lavender and soft music & lighting.
  3. With your cannabis in your hands gently close your eyes, bringing your attention inward on your breath.
  4. Set an intention for your cannabis + sexual experience. Some examples being: My intention is to be present with my body. My intention is to experience the greatest pleasure possible.
  5. Consume with focus on your breath and intention.
  6. Move into sexy time IF desired.


Carli Jo is an LA-based Cannabis Sensuality Coach who specializes in helping couples increase connection and intimacy by guiding them through a unique process that uses cannabis and tantra in a safe and sacred space.

Carli Jo has had her work featured in the New York Times, but you may have seen her featured on The Bachelor… Credits as a Casting Producer. You can follow her ​website​ and on Instagram​!

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