Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Did you hear that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month? We want to make sure this is a cause that’s known. Sexual assault is a constant and terrible issue. What has surged up most recently is the spotlight on “rape culture”, and we here at Sex With Emily full-heartedly agree with the attention towards this issue. Rape culture is alive in our society. Sexual Assault Awareness is not about simply preventing what we have classically defined as “sexual assault”, it is about redefining what sexual assault actually is…

It is about showing the world that forcing women to wear a “dress code” even though it’s hot outside perpetuates rape culture because men should be able to look at our shoulders and legs without it turning into an issue. It is about spotlighting that a sexually confident and open woman or man does not necessarily want to have sex with you. It is about saying “No more” to the excuse “Well, she was drunk”. It is about protecting women and men and redefining their rights so they no longer have to take unnecessary

precautions in order to keep themselves safe. Instead, it is about educating people in what is wrong or right and what rape culture actually represents. 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men are sexually assaulted in their lifetime. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence and isn’t merely restricted to women as victims. This is a fight that affects all of us because, chances are someone you know has been attacked.

 We believe in this fight towards education and awareness and we want to support it in every way we can. So send out your tweets and raise awareness to anyone and everyone. Make sure this fight is known until it becomes a part of basic human knowledge. Visit some useful sites, like the ones below and be aware of the everyday women around you, including the ones you love, who suffer because of thoughtless violence.

Sexual Assault Survivors’ “Girl Code Movement” Combats Rape On College Campuses

RAINN: The nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization


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