Get Sexy With CBD On 4/20!

4/20 blog sex with emily

4/20 blog sex with emilyIn case you don’t know, let me inform you of a very VERY special holiday this season. I’m not talking about Easter, or Passover, or National Burrito Day. (Yes, this is real. It’s on April 2nd, and, yes, I’m disappointed in you for not celebrating.) In fact, the highest of all holidays is today: 4/20!

That’s right, that special day is finally here. And whether you’re a 420 fanatic or a total teetotaler, I’m here to recommend you expand your intake of asparagus. CBD is a type of weed that lends itself perfectly to our favorite activity here at SWE: Sex. 

So here’s some facts and recommendations on how to ring in the green new year in a fun, flirty and not completely paranoid way.


What is CBD and Why is it great for sex?

 If you’ve been to California, or a bougie coffee shop in any blue state lately, then you’ve probably heard of CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which as you can probably guessed by now, is naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant. (AKA that sticky icky, AKA mary jane, AKA weed AKA marijuana.) It’s a different compound from the more widely known THC (tetra-hydracannabinol) which has been the most popular active ingredient of cannabis for ages.

THC handles the psychoactive, “Maybe I should write a song, or a book, or just stare at this dreamcatcher for an hour” portion of your cannabis experience. While CBD is responsible for the non-psychoactive components of a cannabis high. This means body high, relaxation, anti-nausea, and pain management portion of your experience. So basically: CBD is THC’s responsible older brother: it gives you all the health benefits of cannabis, without any of the “eating 3 big mac’s and passing out on an innertube” parts of it. Which makes it great for sex.

CBD’s body relaxing qualities make it perfect for any kind of anxiety, but especially sexual anxiety. So whether you need it to help relax on a 2nd date, unwind from past experiences, or just spice up sex with your sweetie, here are some ways you can use CBD to enhance your sex life this 4/20.



While it’s easier said than done right now, relaxation is a huge part of a successful sexual experience. Getting in the mood for sex doesn’t mean just getting turned on. It means being comfortable enough to have sex. Sometimes our bodies can’t unwind, even when our minds want us to, and that’s where CBD comes in. Maybe on 4/20.

Drinking a spoonful of CBD oil or having a CBD “social” drink instead of a beer can help you to relax your body when you can’t seem to get it in neutral. It’s perfectly normal for your body to feel pent up from your day at work or to have residual anxiety rocking around, even when we want to relax. Stress Less capsules from Elixinol are great for relieving stress and aiding relaxation.

Using CBD to help physically relax yourself can be really effective, especially because you get to skip the anxiety and paranoia that can sometimes be associated with cannabis. Those bad vibes all come from the THC, so if you’re taking a 100% CBD product you can be sure to remain mentally in control while you relax the reigns elsewhere. With CBD, like with all cannabis products, you want to take a small amount, wait 45 minutes, and then adjust from there. 10mg is a good place to start, 5mg if you’re a beginner with all types of cannabis. 



CBD works wonders when it’s localized, and CBD infused lube can help you get….very local. CBD lube isn’t for the faint of heart: you should always test it out on a small spot before you use it while doing the deed, and only use CBD lube that’s from a reputable company. None of that backroom, KY with some CBD mixed in.

At SWE, we like Foria’s Intimacy Lubricant, because of its oil base, and moisturizing qualities. CBD lube can be used on a sex toy to help you relax your pelvic area, or with a partner to double the fun. Either way, CBD lube is especially effective if you suffer from painful cramps in and around your period or chronic genital pain. CBD increases blood flow to the area you apply it, which can lead to extra sensations sexually. Always test CBD out to make sure you’re not exacerbating another issue down there (yeast, rash, etc), and make sure to double check the materials on your sex toys before applying. But I will say, when it’s right, CBD lube is RIGHT. 



If you’re not down for the whole kit and kaboodle that CBD has to offer, may I suggest some CBD massage oil to get you in the  4/20 mood? Massage oil is a great way to locally apply CBD on a whole range of body parts, and a couples massage never brought anyone apart! Well unless you’re like…horrible at massage. Whatever your massage level, using CBD oil accomplishes half the battle, while staying far and away from your special parts, if you weren’t looking forward to putting cannabis in your pocket. CBD massage oil is also a great way to give yourself a really effective self massage if you’re engaging in self love




Remember, relaxation is like fertilizer for orgasms. The better the soil, the more room you have to grow. So get yourself some CBD this 4/20, and figure out exactly how high your orgasms can grow. 




Tessa Skara is a writer and comedian. She is bravely bicoastal. She loves all things queer, including, but not limited to sex. Follow her on Instagram @tessafuckinskara.

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