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Sir Richard’s Condom Company makes me want to wrap up in flannel and make passionate love in a cozy log cabin. The perfect combination of hipster and do-gooder, Sir Richard’s cruises around Boulder, Colorado (Sir Richard’s HQ) in an adorable plaid Volkswagen Van and gives away condoms to developing countries. Please marry me Sir Richard’s! Or at least take me for a ride in your sweet love mobile.


Sir Richard’s adopted the Toms Shoes business model of buy one, give one. For every chemical-free condom they sell to a conscientious consumer wearing birkenstocks, they donate one to a developing country. The company was founded recently in 2009 with a mission to minimize the condom shortage which leaves millions of people around the world vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

“HIV, STDs, unwanted pregnancy — the fact is all these global health metrics drop when condoms are readily available. And in most developing countries, condoms are not available,” Jim Moscou, CEO of Sir Richard’s Condom Company, said.

On September 11, 2012 Sir Richards made it’s first donation of 500,000 condoms to Haiti.

“there is a huge need for condoms in Haiti. I’ve seen it for myself. And it’s not just any condoms, but good quality, chemical-free products that are branded in a way that the Haitian people will hopefully think are cool and, in turn, will want to use,” Moscou said.

Many condom companies focus on global brand recognition. For example, Durex Condoms was the exclusive condom sponsor of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and therefore the only condom brand permitted in the Olympic Village. When Olympians wanted to let off a little steam only Durex was available to get the job done.

Sir Richard’s has a different global approach, which not only sets them apart from big brands like Durex, but also differentiates them from NGOs and other aid agencies that lack Sir Richard’s inspired brand positioning. Instead of globalizing the Sir Richard’s brand name, Sir Richard’s worked with local artists and healthcare providers in Haiti to create culturally relevant condoms. They named the condoms KORE which is slang for “I have your back.” The Haitian slang sums up Sir Richard’s purpose– to support other countries in solving the sexual health crisis. Sir Richard’s isn’t stripping down people’s culture and forcing them to slap on their condom. They are thoughtfully producing condoms that people around the world will actually feel good about using.

As the Sir Richard’s slogan so eloquently puts it, “doing good never felt better.” Even with their admirable global agenda, Sir Richard’s doesn’t make me feel guilty for fantasizing about outdoorsy Colorado boys in log cabins. Their condoms are branded for the socially conscious consumer that wants to do make positive change, but also can’t stop thinking about sex.

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