Skype Sex

It’s no surprise that the Internet isn’t only used for obtaining information. At one point or another we all find ourselves guilty of investigating various forms of voyeurism, fetish exploration, and interactive “home movies.” Since the dawn of the World Wide Web the porn industry has struggled to keep up with excessive illegal downloads and bored consumers who need a quick fix. However, online video messengers such as Skype offer users an exciting option to generate their own video fantasies.

Although Skype sex may not be considered real sex, it’s possible to achieve sexual satisfaction from directing a Skype scene. True, you can’t let your imagination wander like in phone sex, but you can dictate pleasure from the director’s point-of-view. You even get to be the co-star.

Vocalizing your desires, needs, or turn-ons are perfect introductions to steaming up your Skype foreplay. It’s never a bad idea to tell your partner how good he/she looks with sexy words of encouragement.

Skype sex is the perfect opportunity to share your dirtiest and most erotic playful thoughts in a controlled setting. How often do you get to speak your mind without having to worry about morning after regrets? That is of course unless your partner has bigger plans for your little Skype movie.

So go ahead and examine every curve or muscle on your partner’s body. Since you can’t reach through the screen and grope your partner, the visual experience increases your desire. This gives you a time to truly appreciate your partner’s physique in a different light. It’s essential to understand his or her own body before you focus on yourself. By selflessly encouraging your partner’s needs first, you can help ease him or her into a more relaxed state of play. Your turn always comes next.

Once you’ve found yourself getting into the groove of Skype sex, you might even realize you have a natural gift for it. You’ll become more comfortable and imaginative the more you participate in these Skype sessions.

Since cuddling isn’t really an option after Skype sex, communication is essential, especially in long-term relationships. A simple message of “that was fun” or “let’s do it again” encourages your online partner to savor the experience and will inspire future Skype rendezvous.


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