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Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

You know those movies you can watch a thousand times over and over again and never get sick of?

The ones that always make you laugh, or cry, or just touch you in a special place deep inside?

Well, your favorite movies can now touch you in a much more literal sense (deep inside) thanks to the creative geniuses behind porn parodies.

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Coyote Days, head buyer for Good Vibrations has been in the adult toy industry for over ten years.  Good Vibrations, established in 1977 “with a mission based on the belief that Pleasure is our Birthright,” is a leading provider of adult toys with stores across the US.  What better person to interview regarding top gift picks?  Here are some of Coyote’s suggestions… Continue Reading

What sinister pleasures await behind the security of a decorative mask? With the additional advantage of hiding your true identity, will you obediently participate in the festivities? Or will you be a mischievous trouble maker to those around you? Select your proper facade carefully, as you may find yourself permanently becoming this unfamiliar version of you. Get ready to masquerade!
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Unbutton Like a Good Girl...

The Sinclair Institute, a sex education company promoting “better relationships and better sex,” carries sex toys and their own line of erotic films.  I chose to watch “The Voyeur” from the Romance Collection, a female erotica series and learned some life lessons in addition to sex tips.  Linda, a tall, thin, redhead with a European accent is the aunt of Brenda, who is blonde and beautiful, but uptight.  Brenda seeks Linda’s advice as her marriage begins to stale.  Linda’s words throughout the movie are wise. Continue Reading