Relationship Roadblocks: Less Ruts, More Sex

Menace&EmilyThis week’s podcast is all about relationship and sexual roadblocks and how to move through them so you can have the best life all around. Emily gives advice about which sex toys you must have to start your toy collection, the best erotica, where to find female and couple friendly porn, and remedies for premature ejaculation (including exercises and Promescent!)

Emily and Menace answer (and debate) listener’s questions including: what to if you can’t orgasm with your  husband, why women need to dedicate time to masturbation, virgin etiquette, sex in the workplace and why you shouldn’t google someone before a first date (even though you’ll probably do it anyway.)


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Tough Love from Mom: Video clip from Miss Advised

I visited my family in Michigan and brought along a whole Bravo camera crew. Here’s a video clip of me talking with my mom that they didn’t use in Miss Advised Episode Three: What’s Your Type ? My Mom has always been supportive and was an amazing role model to me in many ways. Especially around cultivating my own independence…

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