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Alternative relationships are more popular than ever so today I’m talking to Miley Manliguis from #OPEN, a new dating app that’s designed for modern relationships – essentially, anything other than monogamy. Maile shares the intimate details about opening up her relationship with her husband after they had a child. She talks about juggling parenting and dating, her boundaries with her husband and how giving birth empowered her to embrace her sexuality more than she ever had. Maile’s an amazing woman. You’re going to love her perspective. 
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First Nova Review PicDespite my long history of pleasing myself to orgasm, I still have a healthy-sized solo-sex bucket list. Somehow, We-Vibe products have helped me summit masturbatory mountains that I never thought I could climb. Not too long ago, I had my first multiple orgasms with the Touch. It has since had a special place in my heart — I named it Trevor. And now yet another We-Vibe toy has given me my very first blended orgasm. The culprit is their new dual-stimulation vibrator, the Nova. Continue Reading