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how to have threesomesIn honor of Emily’s many threesome proposals by a bevy of men on Miss Advised, she’s giving you advice on how to have threesomes. Emily discusses threesome rules and how to make everyone feel included in the group. Limit the liquid courage and make sure your partner feels special.
Emily and her cohost Menace also discuss how most men don’t understand social cues can still function in a dating world. It’s important to remember that if you get rejected you probably won’t die or become homeless. Continue Reading

Happy Hump Day! Emily takes the guy she’s dating to her ex’s birthday party over the weekend and is celebrating her birthday with a Kegel Kegger. Emily and Menace discuss the top ten cheap date ideas from roller-skaing across the Golden Gate Bridge to going to a dive bar. Also, the worst places to go on a first date. Never go to dinner and a movie unless you have no interest in talking to your date. Hopefully the movie will at least be entertaining.


Emily gives tips on first date etiquette and the art of eye contact.  Virginity, bad teeth, and men scratching down there on dates. Does having gay fantasies make you gay and where is the G-spot? Emily gives tips for having a great first date and describes how to present yourself.


SWE – Truly

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Emily talks about the differences between Los Angeles and San Francisco men. Her long standing “friend with benefits” relationship comes to a tidy end and Emily breaks down Menace’s love life. Also, vibrating panties and what to do when your partner has no style.

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