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running water blog sex with emilyDEAR EMILY,

When I was 17 years old, I had never orgasmed, despite having had one or two sexual partners. I read that placing your clit right underneath running water is a way to reach orgasm! So, I tried it. And to this day, it is the only way I can climax.

I have a serious boyfriend now, but I don’t orgasm with him. What do I do? Am I doomed to only come in the presence of running water?

May, age 19

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When we think of the erogenous zones on our bodies, it is almost instantaneously that our minds drift south; to the southern borders of our genitalia.

We’ve been conditioned over time to believe that these places – and nowhere else – will provide us pleasurable, sexual experiences. It is only our penises, vaginas, or a beautiful combination that make us cum and squirt. So why would we look anywhere else?

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