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Dr. Emily Morse goes to the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas and visits the booth of the #1 selling Male sex toy in the world, Fleshlight.

Emily and Coyote of Good Vibrations explain what it is, how it works and what makes this toy special and wildly popular with men.


Sex in a Can

What’s the difference between a sex toy and a real-life partner? Quite a bit actually, but the lines between authentic and artificial are becoming blurred thanks to the life-like qualities of the Fleshjack masturbator collection (both gay and straight). For those not familiar with this specific breed of male masturbation utensil, fleshlights are miniature orifice-adorned contraptions that simulate sexual intercourse of the preferred gender. In other words, “sex in a can.” Continue Reading

Many men fear sex toys and view vibrators as a crutch for the sexually misfortunate. Men feel like they should be able to make a woman orgasm without any assistance. The stigma men assign sex toys limits the potential for female orgasm. It is difficult for women to get the clitoral stimulation they need during sex no matter how talented you and your penis are during sex. Continue Reading

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