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If fairy tales teach us anything, it’s that happy endings do exist. In the case of a happy ending coming in the form of an explosive orgasm, we can agree that this key theme in myth lore appears fairly often for many. How we set about in obtaining this ‘happy ending’ differs with each person and now…sexual orientation. Continue Reading

Click for Love

Searching for love in all the right places can sometimes be much more depressing and infuriating than we would like. Whether the stars align, destiny unfolds, or we wake up to a cute text message from that special someone, there’s nothing us single humans crave more than a little romance… Continue Reading

Hello Kitty! – The Ultimate Dominatrix

In these two quickie episodes Emily interviews Pro-Dominatrix Sara Miller. Sara talks about her first sexual experiences, lesbian sexorgasm differences, orgies, and ejaculation on command.  Emily also answers questions about “perfect” dating tips, online profiles, semen landing, and hand jobs.



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