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Paranormal Activity 2 Actress Natasha Blasick Claims She Experienced Ghost Sex—Twice

Hollywood actress Natasha Blasick claims to have experienced spectral rape on two occasions.

The Russian-born former model and Mrs World Pageant competitor even hopes her spectral lover returns.

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Ever heard of the Putative Father Registry? This week The Atlantic posted an article stating that 33 states have Putative Father Registries. The point of this registry is to link unmarried men to their children through a list of women they reportedly had sex with. The way it’s enacted?  Men are expected to report a list of their sexual partners to the government. You may be wondering, “Why would anyone ever do this?” Continue Reading

The celebrities have all the fun…

One A-list celebrity wanted to play this prank at his party with his friends using the well-known erectile dysfunction-solving pill, Viagra.

Daily Mail reports, that the flavor is called “Arousal” and each scoop is laced with roughly 25 milligrams of Viagra, which is half of the recommended dose. Just enough for the crowd to feel the effects. Continue Reading

How would you react if you saw a picture of your 85-year-old mother stuffing dollars down a male strippers briefs?

A Long Island nursing home is being sued by Franklin Youngblood, who was outraged over a photo of his mother will bills that were supposedly locked away. The New York Post reports that a low-rent Chippendale’s-like group was hired by the East Neck Nursing Center in West Babylon to entertain some elderly residents earlier this year. Continue Reading

Emily answers emails from listeners with topics including: sexy vs. slutty, friend zoning, Kegel exercises and fetishes.

Menace grills Emily for slacking on pop culture. Emily breaks down what Gwyneth Paltrow meant when she described her split as “conscious uncoupling”. Menace questions the audience on dealing with dating celebrities and their famous Ex’s. Emily recaps her live, in-studio date from the popular dating app Tinder. Emily confesses how she avoids talking about sex on the first date and the question, “What do you do for a living?”.  Continue Reading


When the substantial fortune of Florida millionaire and Polo champ John Goodman, 48, was threatened by a wrongful-death lawsuit caused by his drunk driving, he made the responsible, mature decision and adopted his 42 year old girlfriend. Wait, what? Continue Reading

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