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Water Sex

water sexGet wet and have water sex! But let’s face it, you are no Little Mermaid. You’re probably not skinny dipping in the middle of the night, having steamy sex while waves crash over your head. But you can get head in the shower!

Warm and wet things are good, which is why the shower is the best place to have water sex. The water will (hopefully) drown out your squeals and grunts while his free willy dives inside of you.  Continue Reading

Missionary PositionThis is my first column for YourTango on mixing up the missionary position.

Chances are your sexual journey began with missionary position. Some sweaty boy leaned over you, fumbling with the condom. A couple of anticlimactic heaves later you lie there wondering why everyone makes such a big deal about this whole sex thing. Continue Reading

I am an all-time proponent of experimentation and just plain switchin’ it up with sex positions. However, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve suppressed a couple of giggles when it comes to doing certain sex positions. Through the span of my life, there’s been some interesting moments but I’m glad that I did try the full spectrum of sex positions (as funny as they seem) because I have a better sex life for it. So here’s a list of sexual poses I’ve had to muffle a laugh for while assuming the position: Continue Reading

woman on top positionWoman on top position is the greatest position ever, because a woman is in control, duh! When a woman’s on top, she’s in charge of the movement. No more jackhammer sex, where the guy completely misses your clitoris, because you can grind on him the way you want. And because the man has a limited range of motion, it may make the sexual encounter last longer. It’s a win-win sex situation.

Here’s how to do woman on top position right… Continue Reading

Sex With Emily is proud to present it’s first soft-core claymation. Whether you are gay, straight, or made out of clay, we think you’ll enjoy our slightly perverted art project.

A special thanks to these coital claymates for modeling the best sex positions…

Continue Reading

Jackrabbit Sex

Dear Emily,
Thank you for the new term “Jackrabbit Sex” which has quickly become a regular part of my vocabulary, and paranoia. Jack rabbit sex! Holy crap! I am suddenly wondering whether I am occasionally guilty of this. Can you delve a little deeper into this? Why is it so bad?

Thanks so much,
J from Ohio

The elderly are getting sexy on tv, sex is connected to memory loss, and can you spot a creepy move? Emily’s trick for making your boobs looks bigger, complimenting women and is your yoga instructor easy? For asexual awareness day, Emily talks about your sexual desire.


Whether it’s vaginal prolapses or the daily habits that cause erectile dysfunction, today we’re talking the craziest sex accidents you won’t believe. In more pleasant news, Emily helps a woman achieve her first 3 orgasms (listener got tips from the show), and a new book claims Sarah Palin gets around (not the library, ironically). Tune in to learn the top reason for divorce, how to plan a threesome, where to not hide your keys or guns, and why you shouldn’t shave and drive.

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