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Photo by: Kitty Mac Draws

Is your vagina tired, rundown, listless? Does it poop out at parties? Is it unpopular? Fear no more! The answer to all your troubles is here! (Yes, this is a play on I Love Lucy’s “Vitameatavegamin” skit).

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Seeing someone talk so openly about sex and their intimate lives leads you to believe they have it all figured out. All their problems have been solved, and they’re done asking questions.
In reality, not even these incredibly open people will reach a point of  having all the answers. But talking about your journey can help others see that they’re not alone– and neither are you!
Sex Coach Pam Costa shares how even those that seem to have it altogether still have room to grow in her Down to There blog…

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It’s safe to say that spring has officially sprung. The sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming. It seems only fitting to bring some of that freshness into the bedroom! On today’s show, Emily is joined by Madison and Jamie to talk about all the new sex toys, tricks, and tips that have been the buzz of the SWE office!

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badsexadviceHow many times have you received completely unsolicited advice on something? Or better yet, advice from someone who swears by their tips as if they are some sort of expert (even when they have no clout)?

Hey, maybe it wasn’t unsolicited; maybe you actually asked for it, or read it on the always accurate Internet. Either way, sometimes the information we receive is… questionable.   Continue Reading

eat-me-appleThe new year is always a good time to evaluate who you’ve become and who you want to be. We get a clean slate to make new goals and do the things we’ve been procrastinating for far too long. Maybe this is the year that you finally ask your girlfriend to move in, get out of that toxic relationship or stop drinking every Taco Tuesday away. Truly, anything is possible… Well, sort of.

It’s no secret that the majority of resolutions get dropped after a couple of months, never to be picked up again. Many people will give up, accepting that it’s just not going to happen, but did you ever stop to think that maybe the problem is actually the goals we’re setting for ourselves? Continue Reading

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