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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, condoms play a key role when it comes to sex these days. Between how easy they are to get, and how much protection they help provide, there’s no denying the 98%-worth of perks they bring to the table.

So much like the trendiness of Facebook or state of T.J. Miller’s career, would you believe the use of condoms is actually on a steep decline?

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There are many people who have taken it upon themselves to lead society into the sexual revolutions of the past and the present. Working at Sex With Emily and with Emily Morse, one of these current leaders, made me want to do a little research on others much like herself. These ladies in our past and present have gone largely unnoticed, or at least haven’t been given the proper recognition, in paving the way for our sexual freedom.


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Though the numbers are actively decreasing, HIV is still something to be informed and aware of. According to, “more than 1.1 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV today. One in seven of them don’t know it.” Once known as a death sentence, it is now possible to live a fully sexual life without fear of passing HIV to your partner.



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Seeing someone talk so openly about sex and their intimate lives leads you to believe they have it all figured out. All their problems have been solved, and they’re done asking questions.
In reality, not even these incredibly open people will reach a point of  having all the answers. But talking about your journey can help others see that they’re not alone– and neither are you!
Sex Coach Pam Costa shares how even those that seem to have it altogether still have room to grow in her Down to There blog…

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