Casual Sex, Condoms & Communication

IMG_1569September at Sex With Emily is all about getting back to sex basics, and on today’s show, Emily is giving a lesson on the most essential principle of sex, love and dating: communication! Just like she always says, communication is a lubrication, so let’s grease up our word-wheels and get our conversation cogs turning!

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Fleshlight: The Lone Wolf

For years women have been masters of the sex toy. We were even given them by male doctors who diagnosed us as delirious. But man have been at a loss with nothing but a gym sock and and their hands to please them.

That’s why it’s always been surprising when my guy friends are reluctant to try the best selling sex toy for men in an age where the adult toy industry and is booming. I’m not surprised by the overly inflated egos of some of the overly-inflated muscle heads I know. They regard a sex toy for a guy to be like a band-aid rather than an accessory. It’s always amusing though, the responses I get when they report back after giving the infamous sex toy, Fleshlight, a whirl. Bashful, they come back to me, to thank me properly for the gift because they hadn’t appreciated it when first received.

The most popular sex toy out there for men is also helping men achieve and master extended pleasure in the bedroom for both them and their lover. Stamina training units have been designed with prolonged sex play in mind. This particular model comes with a shower mount for hands free business. (Finally!)

What happened to my buddies, and what happens to so many men, is that their minds are opened a little wider, they’re egos are pushed aside and they last longer in bed. That’s why I’m enthusiastic that the listeners of the show getting the chance to explore their bodies and experience the most exquisite of all pleasures in a new way.


Cooking up a Sex Storm

As more and more couples – couples with means and a love for domestic renovation – are moving into separate bedrooms, the importance of the kitchen and its role in sex is growing even more profound. So before your love life turns as cool as a cucumber, chew on the following:

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The Straight-Forward Guide to Reverse Kegels

A loyal listener emailed me about Reverse Kegels, a mysterious and Premature Ejaculation-prevention maneuver that, like Dark Matter, theoretically forms the complement and gives shape to regular meat and potatoes Kegels.

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Episode 318 – Lustless Lover

The elderly are getting sexy on tv, sex is connected to memory loss, and can you spot a creepy move? Emily’s trick for making your boobs looks bigger, complimenting women and is your yoga instructor easy? For asexual awareness day, Emily talks about your sexual desire.

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